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Clutch or Linkage?

We need a little more info, please.

Does the shifter move at all, or does it seem like it's frozen in place?

Can you get the shifter into any gear with the car running or not running?

Does the clutch pedal seem to have the same resistance it's always had, or is it mushy, or go all the way to the floor easily?

We need to know if we're troubleshooting a linkage problem, or a clutch problem. Your answers can help us figure that out.


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Q: If you cannot shift gears on a 1999 5-speed Pontiac Sunfire how do you find out what is wrong?
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How are the gears supposed to be located for timing in a 1996 Pontiac sunfire 2.4?

can you show me a diagram

Why won't your Pontiac Sunfire shift gears?

fluids are fine, no codes, and it wont shift past 2nd gear. any help?

Cant select gears in Sunfire?

Let's start with the year of your Sunfire. That might make a difference. Then, you need to tell us if you have a manual or automatic transmission. FriPilot

Your 1999 Pontiac Sunfire automatic trans seems to hesitate before shifting into first It will rev then catch the gear All other gears seem to work fine What might this mean?

I'd check the transmission fluid level first and then for a slipping band inside the transmission.

What would cause a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire not to shift into reverse?

the only problem that you can repair yourself would be with the linkage. but if all other gears work except reverse then the problem is probably internal and should be inspected by a professional. it makes a big difference if the trans. is manual or automatic also.

Why does 99' Pontiac firebird start but when shifting gears it shuts down why?

You don't know how to shift

Why would a 96 Pontiac Grand Am grind when going into reverse?

im assuming that its an automatic,if so then its just because your transmition is messed up,or your rear gears(not the trans gears)are damaged.

Where are sliding gears used?

Sliding Gears in a transmission are straight-tooth spur gears with a taper (also known as a lead) to make engaging easier. Helical gears are mostly used in a transmission because spur gears produce gear noise and have a great strain on the teeth of the gear since only one tooth can be in contact at any given time. But because helical gears cannot be taken out of mesh, spur gears are used for the reverse gear because reverse spins the opposite way and cannot be in constant mesh.

Can you have unlimited health on gears of war?

no you cannot and there still isn't a glitch

How do you adjust shift interlock cable on Pontiac Grand Prix?

You can do this by loosening up the gears. If you are having difficulties, you can take it into a mechanic.

How can you tell if the transmission solenoid has went out?

Very hard shifting between gears accompanied with a bang. That has been my experience in my Pontiac Montana.

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What are the types of gears?

gears, gears 2, and gears 3

How do you remove rear differential gears. axles are out. spider gears are out. removed bolts holding inside bearings. cannot pull gears out?

Some axles have adjusters on the inside that need loosened, others require a spreader to spread the axle assembly enough for removal.

Where is the crank shaft sensor located in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix?

most likely behind the plate covering the timing gears, at the front of the engine.

Is there a way you can shift the gears on a Pontiac transport van without the keys which have been lost?

You can remove the linkage from the shifter to the transmission and manually shift transmission.

How do you clean the gears and axles of motorized Thomas the Tank Engine off-the-rail vehicles?

Use a cotton swab dipped in kerosene. Gently wipe the gears with the swab. Force the gears to rotate by turning the wheels. Watch that you do not get the cotton caught in the gears. If you cannot or do not want to get kerosene, use fingernail polish remover that does NOT contain acetone.

What is wrong if your 94 Pontiac Bonneville goes into all gears and will drive forward but not reverse and it sounds like it is engaging but won't move?

If your Pontiac runs a 700r4 gm transmission you have stripped a reverse input shell. The transmission needs to come out for repair.

What are the types of gear?

gears, gears 2, and gears 3

Why are helical gears used instead of spur gears?

Spur gears have straight teeth while helical gears have curved teeth. Generally, helical gears are usually quieter and smoother in operation, while spur gears are easier to make and much less expensive.Helical gears are stronger than spur gears.

Does a 1997 Pontiac Transport have a timing belt or a timing chain?

- I just installed a new timing CHAIN on my 1997 Pontiac Transport that has a 3400 engine in it. If you get the kit at autozone that comes with the gears and new gaskets it only cost me $ 45.00.

Why is your 1993 Pontiac Trans Am taking to long to change gears?

Transmission fluid is low. Check the level of this fluid ONLY with the engine running and at normal operating temperature. To check it otherwise WILL give a false reading. You cannot check the transmission fluid level on a cold and idle engine.

Need to know how to replace a master cylinder with abs brakes on a Pontiac grand am?

my husband is trying to replace the master cylinder on a 1994 grand am. he was wondering on how to align the gears for the abs.

How do you know if the transmission is going in a car?

Can you shift gears? IF you can its at least working. I guess your question means the opposite. So if you feel slippage when shifting gears or cannot operate in one gear (reverse, for example), the transmission is about to give out.

Where is the Neutral Safety Switch located for a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire and besides Chilton's manual do you suggest another place to find illustrated instructions?

its on the top of the transmission just look and have a friend shift the gears and look for the shifter linkage its connected to the neutral safety switch just disconnect the shifter linkage and unplug the wire harness and take the screws off The Haynes manual has a fair picture of the switch and it's location.