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20W-50 is equal to Sae 90 W.

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Q: If you cant get Sae 90 W oil what oil is equal to Sae 90 w?
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What kind of gear oil do you use in your Manual transmission for your 92 paseo?

Manual says to use SAE 75w-90 or SAE 80w-90 gear oil

What gear oil do i use in my rear end?

SAE 90

Can you use api 75w-90 gear oil instead of sae90 gear oil?

Yes, you can use 75w-90 gear oil instead of SAE 90 gear oil

What gear oil do you put in 43cc apc mini chopper?

sae 90

What type of gear oil 2002 Hyundai elantra gt?

Sae 75w/90

What kind of differential fluid does a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo use?

SAE 80 or SAE 80w-90 below 50 f SAE 90 or SAE 80w-90 0 to 90 f SAE 140 above 50 f consistently

What type of differential oil for gmc savana 2500 2002?

Sae 80w-90 gl-5

What is Oil viscosity for 1968 dodge rear axle?

My '72 manual says:Temperature Range ViscosityAbove -10°F SAE 90As low as -30°F SAE 80Below -30°F SAE 75

What kind of transmission oil do you use in a 1994 Mazda mx3 with 5 speed manual transmission?

SAE 75W-90

What is the transfer case fluid type for a 1979 Chevy suburban?

SAE 80W-90 GL-5 gear lubricant, Full time 4x4 is SAE 10W30 or 40 engine oil.

What type of oil is suitable for 2002 Kia Rio?

Do not use the oil instructed below.... 10w-30 is fine for mild climates. SAE 75W-90

What is cross ref for m-4864-a hydraulic oil?

The cross reference for m-4864 which is a hydraulic oil or transmission fluid is SAE 80 for below freezing temperatures. B (SAE 90) is used for temperatures that are above freezing.

What is the type of oil used in a 94 Suzuki 4x4 5-speed manual transmission?

The manual transmission uses SAE 80-90 weight gear oil.

What gear box oil do you need for a fiesta 1.4 SI 1997?

i believe you can using either sae 80w 80w90 75w/90

What is the correct oil for final drive of Mercedes 190D 2.5 auto 1993?

SAE 90 .7 or 1.1 litre depending on the rear.

Can you substitute SAE 80W-90 for SAE 80 in your Yamaha snowmobile chain case?


What kind of gear oil does a sears gamefisher 1.2hp outboard use?

my manual says, sae 90 outboard motor grease, hope i helped

What type of gear oil should be used on kawasaki concours14?

According to the manual of the 2008 C-14, it requires API "GL-5" Hypoid gear oil, either SAE 90 (above 41 Fahrenheit) or SAE 80 (below 41 Fahrenheit). A "GL-6" rated hypoid gear oil may also be used.

What type oil is used in the Massey Ferguson 65 hydraulic system?

sae 90 gear oil. it is 100% mineral oil. napa, car quest, call your local massey dealer they have it. you will pay a little more but they have all the answers.

What transmission fluid is used in a 1996 Toyota Tercel?

Gear Oil [ SAE 75 W 90 & others] Transmission Fluid IS NOT USED in the 1996 Toyota Tercel.

What gear oil goes in a 91' Mercury Capri manual transmission?

Manuakl Transaxle as per owners manual booklet SAE 75W. 90 (part name)

What type of transmission fluid does 2006 Miata take?

sae 75w-90

What is the oil capacity for a Mercedez-Benz OM 421 engine?

Oil engine capacity is 18 litars of engine oil for engine 421.905*Oil filter> MANN BF 811 or TECNOCAR N 1220 for truck engine 421.905 mounted on Mercedes-Benz1422 L truck, 1986. year of production. I OWN AND DRIVE THAT TRUCK .Cooling liquid in engine, cooler and system total 33 litres antifreeze liquid.Gearbox oil capacity>D.B.gearbox 6 speed direkt, without splitter,14 liters of oil , SAE 90 transmission oil.Differential-rear axle>D.B. axle with diff.lock> 5.25 liters of SAE 90 transmission oil.

How many meters are equal to 90 meters?

90 meters are equal to 90 meters

What oil goes in a manual transmission in a 1996 ford probe?

According to the 1996 Ford Probe Owner Guide : For the manual transaxle ( transmission ) ( Ford SAE 75W/90 gear oil , meeting Ford specification API GL-4 )