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If you carry on making yourself sick you will not only be unhappy but very ill. Bulimia is a serious and sometimes fatal disorder. First, a size sixteen, while larger than the average, is hardly out of control. Studies suggest a woman's average size is 12, no matter what your hear or see on TV. Secondly, what we eat and how we eat it not only determines our body size but our mental health. Stop obsessing with your appearance and consider your whole self. Does it make you feel good about yourself to do what you're doing? Heroin addicts are thin, but are they healthy? And depriving your body of food tricks it into thinking you're starving; your metabolism will slow doesn and you'll lose weight more slowly. The surest and most effective way to good health is a sensible eating plan and good exercise. It takes time to lose weight, but you could feasably be at your target weight and feeling healthier than you ever have in six months to a year. Take care of your whole self. Everyone is imperfect and everyone is beautiful, including you.

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Q: If you carry on making yourself sick how long will it take you to become thin if you're a size 16 right now and really unhappy and sad?
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