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If you catch a wild mouse living in your house can you keep it as a pet?


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yes i found one today!

you could but they have learned to live as wild mice and will not be a good pet. it is better to buy one from a pet store

This is not necessarily true. House mice do not tend to get the same sort of diseases as rats for instance. Mice are usually friendly little things, and very rarely bite, and then only out of fear.

A house mouse could be kept as a pet but would recommend freeing it some where safe and away from cats it before it gets too dependent on human handouts. A young mouse would settle into captivity easier than an older one. However if you really want to keep the little fella, get as big a cage as you possibly can, provide lots of toys they are active and intelligent, and provide the right foods and water at all times, treat it pretty much as you would any pet mouse (LOTS of infoon that if you just google it), as for handling,, start off with just stroking gently offer it something tasty (such as tiny amount of chicken, or thumb nail sized piece of wholemeal bread with a smidge of butter on it from your hand, (of course do drop it for the mouse if it doesn't take it from your hand) and it will come to associate you with pleasant things, and could well come to allow you to handle it as a pet might do.

I have one living with me at the moment, we call it Neville for some reason, and he's gorgeous.

ADDITIONAL RESPONSE -- I completely agree with the answer above. I found a very young brownish grey female mouse in the lobby of my apartment building in New York City. This was 16 months ago and Stu, (I thought she was a male at first), has become a much beloved member of my family which includes a dog, cat, and two humans. I bought a large aquarium as she was so small that she could have gotten through the bars in a traditional cage. I added several inches of bedding (AVOID the toxic cedar chips!) an exercise wheel, plastic tubing with several exits and entrances, a ladder, etc. It took a while, but after a few months of slow patient training, Stu learned to answer to her name and became completely tame. She could not be more friendly, keeps herself extremely clean, and is constantly entertaining. Although she has aged and is not as energetic as she once was, she is more loving than ever -- loves being held, stroked on the head and ears, and has been known to fall asleep cupped in my hand. I could never have imagined that I would become as attached as I have to a mouse. One thing to know if you do get a wild mouse, do NOT bring it into contact with a store bought mouse as store mice carry lots of diseases as well as mites, that a wild mouse is not immune to and will definitely make them seriously ill. Contrary to what you might think, a wild mouse is much healthier than one you could buy in a store and will live much longer -- but they will be made ill by store mice. Also, NEVER house two male mice together -- store bought or wild, as they will attack one another as soon as they are mature.


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You can, but it will not be as good a pet as a domesticated mouse.

use a mouse trap get a cat or buy mouse traps they work

No, wild animals belong in the wild.

sometimes...cats are all different. I know my cat would! Get a mouse trap

You are normally allowed to keep the house you are living in and one car in a bankruptcy.

Only if you plan to keep the mouse in the dog house, or in the fish tank.

Absolutely NOT!!! They are wild and will just spread germs!

Wild mice do not do well as pets. You would be better off if you went to a pet shop and purchased a pet mouse. They are cheap.

Well it Depends u have to reaalyy careful

George got annoyed with Lennie petting the mouse and he doesn't want Lennie to catch a disease. So he made Lennie give the mouse to him and he threw it across the river

Make sure the mouse isn't a mother. If you capture it, it's babies will die most likely in your house. Whatever you do, don't keep it as a pet. If you like mice, get a couple female mice at a pet store, and give them a big cage with a wheel, and place to sleep.

No, you shouldn't. If you are considering what is best for the bird, do not keep a baby cardinal in the house. All birds (including cardinals) like a lot of living space, and a house is not a good example of a lot of living space.

Yes, a mole will go into a house. I have one in my house right now, it seems to act like a mouse would eating what ever food boxes it can find. It seems to be living in my house and goes to sleep or out during the day. It seems to be most active in the house between 4-7 am and I guess about 11 or midnight. Also, it seems to come out more if the lights are off. So, the answer is Yes, they will go into a house. (BTW, I'm gonna try to catch it and keep it as a pet. Luckily he's not too shy.)

The smell of a cat living in the house is often enough to scare mice into leaving. If you're talking about pet mice, then yes, you can keep both cats and mice, but if you want to keep your mice feeling safe and happy, don't let your cat wander around in the same room as the mouse cage.

get a cat or let some hunting ferrets lose in the house for a few hours, they will catch and kill anything they find and the smell of them will keep mice and rats away

Either they are brought in by an animal or there is a way in from outside. Keep the grass or brush trimmed well close to the house or building.

the best mouse to keep for a pet is female fancy mouse

Yes, you can, but you will have a healthier happier mouse if you keep 2 or more mice. If you do decide to keep one mouse, be sure to give it plenty of toys and attention.

If you catch him you keep him

Lennie can't keep the mouse because George knows that Lennie always kills it.

The fight between Spyro and Gnasty Gnorc is basically a game of "cat and mouse". Keep running after him, and when you catch him flame him. And remember, practise.

If you got bitten by a mouse the chances are you will be completely fine. But some are diseased so keep an eye on the bite.

keep house clean constantly and sweep daily and dont keep food out overnight or you can buy a humane mouse trap (NOT a cruel one) and put peanut butter or cheese in it (peanut butter works best) and when you catch it take it to an open space and then let it run free. It won't find its way back home.

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