If you catch air in downhill skiing will it slow down or increase your speed?

In skiing you have to deal with the winter weather elements. This includes various snow conditions ranging from brick hard ice to soft, melting snow. The snow also has a way of transforming its shape after you have skied on it. If several skiers ski the same course down the hill then the snow consistency and placement will change. You will build up "ruts". Ruts are grooves that outline where all the skiers have skied. These ruts can become very big. Often times these ruts and quick changes in elevation will produce mini jumps on the ski hill. When you catch air you will definitely slow down your speed. First of all the wind resistance will pull you back. Second of all you lose contact with the snow. You want to have contact with the snow on the flat bottom of your ski as much as possible. Anytime you put your ski edge against the snow to turn or recover you are slowing yourself down. Ski racers have learned to avoid catching air from jumps by bending their knees and holding their center of gravity down when they go over the jump. This helps to minimize your trajectory into the air.