If you challenge them will credit agencies remove items from your credit report just to avoid the cost of the dispute?

I don't like to condone this course of action, however, as a last resort, I have take this course successfully, though in a slightly different manner. My roomate at the time, who's credit I was helping to correct, had some late payments being reported by Fleet bank. They were a couple years old, which was good, but nevertheless Fleet refused to remove them from his credit report. We went down to small claims court and filed against Fleet. Two months later, a letter was received by Fleet. In it, contained a settlement check for $500 and a letter instructing that all derrogatory was to be removed from his Fleet credit history. As insane as this sounds, it is true, so you CAN have luck going about disputing this way, but definitly only use it as a last resort, and go after individual creditors, not the bureaus. Good Luck!