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you might want to check your egr valve. if it's stuck open and leaky just a little bit it will almost kill the engine. it's easy to check if you have a vacuum pump. they are cheap and available at any auto parts store. the procedure is in the chiltons manual. if you need more detail just yell. I'm having a similar problem. my idle is going up and down randomly. i'v checked every sensor that i can and everything checks out good. while testing the idle air control valve i found it was making the idle change but it was because its signal voltage was changing. the only thing i haven't changed is the pcm. any ideas?

Reset error codes, Oxygen sensor is ignored if old errors are not cleared.

The idle going up and down, depending upon how erratic, may be normal behavior during the warm-up process. Check the timing belt and make sure that the timing marks are still in alignment. Unfortunately checking the timing mark on the crankshaft requires removing the damper. Otherwise it'd be cake.

Could be MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. Located between air cleaner box and throttle body. I was having the same problem I unplugged the MAF sensor and it ran better. So, I replaced it and it ran even better yet. I replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter before that. But, it still ran rough. I tested fuel pressure and it was fine.

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Q: If you changed plugs wires forward 02 sensor and throttle sensor but your 200 Ford Escort is still running idleing rough what do you do next?
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i changed plugs wires throttle p sensor an checked fuel

What does a 1989 Chevy pickup have for fuel system?

If it hasn't been changed, it has Throttle Body Injection (TBI). It looks similar to a carb but it will have wires running to it.

A lot of viberation while idleing not when running down the road?

Probably have a misfire or lean fuel mix NELSON

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Throttle position sensor is located on the side of the throttle body-in line with the throttle shaft. To locate the throttle body, you can have someone repeatedly push the accellerator pedal (with the engine not running) while you look for the moving throttle shaft. Drew

1995 Chevy lumina apv van with 3.1 liter engine your engine wont stay running you have to play with throttle to keep it running you have changed fuel pump fuel filter coolant temp sensor fuel injector?

change the thorttle responce

Can a bad throttle body stop you car from starting?

Any bad component can stop a car from running. Throttle body? probably not.

Change a throttle position sensor for 05 altima?

The throttle position sensor determines the amount of throttle used when the engine is running at various speeds. If the sensor is faulty, it can be replaced by ordering a new part.

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Put a used one on from a running one

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What if your Volvo S40 will not stay running unless you keep your foot on the gas pedal?

probably failed throttle bypass solenoid or possibly throttle position sensor

Where is the map sensor located on a 1995 Chevy 350 throttle body?

Passenger side of engine next to throttle body. It is the senor with the vacuum line running to it.

How can you determine a faulty air flow meter on 2001ford mondeo?

if the car is running rough whilst idleing or running, simply unplg the airflow meter and test drive the car. if the airflow meter is buggered- whilst it is unplugged it should run fine

How to fix a 1984 Cadillac Cimmarron That Idles To High?

Could just be throttle plate sticking--without engine running try to free with a screwdriver Could just be throttle plate sticking--without engine running try to free with a screwdriver

What would cause a good running 95 S10 22L to run rough sometimes but run perfict at other times?

I changed the EGR valve, PVC valve, now it has gotten worse. I also cleaned the throttle body.

How long you can drive without getting the 2008 dodge charger electronic throttle fixed?

It would depend on what the problem is. All throttle problems can lead to a non running engine.

How to tell if Bad throttle sensor?

A bad throttle sensor can cause engine jerking and rough running. A test of the computer codes should show if there seems to be a problem with the sensor.

What is a throttle body sensor?

throttle body sensor is a sensor that regulates gas flow. if your car is running sluggish sometimes this can confused with transmission problems when in all actuality its the sensor

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Why does a 1996 Oldsmobile ciera SL car stalls while running and starts back up?

If it is stalling when putting it into gear but not while idleing I would check your mass air flow sensor. It may need to be cleaned or replaced. If it is stalling when putting it into gear but not while idleing I would check your mass air flow sensor. It may need to be cleaned or replaced.

1994 4.5 liter Chevy truck is running rough when half or full throttle Have changed the TPS sensor with no luck Anyone know what the problem could be?

you could have a bad fuel injector if dirt gets into the injector it will stay open

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