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for best tax return claim 0 at work and when you file claim 1

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Q: If you claim zero on your taxes will you still owe money when you file?
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What happens when it is time to file your taxes if you claim too many allowances?

Get more money back when you file

Have no money how do I file my taxes?

have no money how can i file my taxes

Does your daughter have to file her taxes if you can claim her as a dependent?

Yes, she does - if she is employed and earning her own money.

Can you file your 2011 taxes to 2013 filing?

My son didn't file taxes last year 2011. is he still able to claim any of his 2011 taxes along with his 2012 taxes in 2013?

Can you file taxes if you are getting disability?

Yes, They still take out money with disabilty.

Can you file your taxes if your parents claim you?


If you claim a parent receiving ssi disability benefits do you have to file their income on taxes?

No. But they can't claim themselves if they file. No. But they can't claim themselves if they file.

Can you claim your daughter on your taxes if she was a full time college student until aug and then started working full time but still lived with you?

You may claim her as a dependent as long as she does not file her taxes as a single entity.She should still file her taxes as she had earnings, though she will not be eligible for a refund as you have already claimed her.Source: This is exactly what I did last year.

What is the Last day to file taxes for 2008?

The deadline was April 15, 2009. If you missed the deadline, file your 2008 taxes as soon as possible. If you owed money, you still owe it and interest and penalties are added for every day you wait. If you had a refund coming, it is not too late to claim it.

If your parent claims you on their income taxes can you still file yourself?

No Yes, you just cannot claim yourself as a deduction.

Can you still file your 2005 taxes?

You can still file 2005 .

If you claim your 16 year old as a dependent can they still file taxes?

Yes, there will be directions on the correct steps in your tax booklet.

Is there any way for you to file taxes and claim your kids if you have no income?


Do you need to file your auto insurance claim with your taxes when filing them?

Your auto insurance claim has nothing to do with filing your income taxes. You file your auto claim by notifying your agent right when the incident occurs so they can start working on the claim as fast as possible.

Can you still file income taxes even though no federal taxes were taken out of check?

Can you still file income taxes even though no federal taxes were taken out of check?

What is the dollar amount that you can make and not have to file taxes?

How much money can you make and not have to file taxes?

Can your 18 year old son file taxes if you claim him on your taxes?

Unless the 18-year-old is a dependant because of disability or other factors, generally they are considered an adult and must file their own taxes, and you cannot claim them.

Can you claim taxes on babysitting if the parents do not pay taxes?

Yes, if you file your babysitting income as self-employed

Can you claim your lousianna income tax here in Michigan? have to go to the state you worked and file taxes and you cant file taxes in two states its illegal

Do people that have foster children have to file taxes?

People with children, foster or biological, can claim them as dependents which offers a substantial tax advantage, however they do still have to file their income tax return.

Do you have to make a certain amount of money to even claim it on taxes?

No. Everyone is free to file a tax return regardless of income. People who make more than a certain amount are required to file.

Died owing you money?

You should file a claim against the estate. Provide documentation of the debt. If you cannot document it, you can still claim it, but it is less likely to get paid.

Can you still file your taxes even if you owe the IRS?

The IRS definitely wants people who owe them money to file their taxes. Also note: today (as I type) is April 4th, so you are not yet late for 2013.

How many times can you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and can you claim taxes?

No limit

Can you claim a dependent with no income?

Yes you can it just depends what agency you file your taxes with