If you conceived 6 days ago and you are experiencing cramping could this be implantation?

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2007-08-25 02:34:11

it is next to impossible to even know you are pregnant at 6 days

since it takes almost a week (7 days) for the for the fertilized

egg to travel down from the fallopian tube to the uterus, where the

egg implants in the lush, prepared uterine lining. It is only at

this time that a pregnant woman's body begins to release the

pregnancy hormone, HCG and you can POSSIBLEY detect pregnancy with

an at home test and then, the sensitivity of the specific test, the

amount of time before your body starts releasing HCG, the amount of

HCG the individual woman's body produces and the timing of the test

are all factors that can delay accurate results of a home pregnancy

test kit. Blood tests are usually considered the gold standard of

pregnancy tests this early on because blood detects the HCG before

urine does. If a urine test is really sensitive, it can often pick

up at least small amounts of HCG as early as about ten days after

fertilization. If you are assuming pregnancy so fast I assume you

were trying and you should contact your dr. Keep in mind that

pregnancy tests are only accurate if they test at the right time!

As mentioned above, it needs to be at least ten days (and often

longer) after fertilization to be even assumed it is correct so at

earliest, you can detect is 1-1/2 to maybe 2 weeks 'along' Do you

know for sure when you ovulated? Many women make the mistake of

assuming that they ovulated on the mythical day 14, but you may not

ovulate until, for example, day 23 of your cycle. In this case,

testing through a home pregnancy test as early as day 24 would be

utterly useless and a complete waste of money. I hope this helps

and good luck!!!!

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