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it is next to impossible to even know you are pregnant at 6 days since it takes almost a week (7 days) for the for the fertilized egg to travel down from the fallopian tube to the uterus, where the egg implants in the lush, prepared uterine lining. It is only at this time that a pregnant woman's body begins to release the pregnancy hormone, HCG and you can POSSIBLEY detect pregnancy with an at home test and then, the sensitivity of the specific test, the amount of time before your body starts releasing HCG, the amount of HCG the individual woman's body produces and the timing of the test are all factors that can delay accurate results of a home pregnancy test kit. Blood tests are usually considered the gold standard of pregnancy tests this early on because blood detects the HCG before urine does. If a urine test is really sensitive, it can often pick up at least small amounts of HCG as early as about ten days after fertilization. If you are assuming pregnancy so fast I assume you were trying and you should contact your dr. Keep in mind that pregnancy tests are only accurate if they test at the right time! As mentioned above, it needs to be at least ten days (and often longer) after fertilization to be even assumed it is correct so at earliest, you can detect is 1-1/2 to maybe 2 weeks 'along' Do you know for sure when you ovulated? Many women make the mistake of assuming that they ovulated on the mythical day 14, but you may not ovulate until, for example, day 23 of your cycle. In this case, testing through a home pregnancy test as early as day 24 would be utterly useless and a complete waste of money. I hope this helps and good luck!!!!

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What does it mean to be 5 days late on your period and you are cramping and spotting?

You could be pregnant. It is possible that you experiencing implantation. Implantation is when the fertilized egg embeds itself in the uteris. The timing is about right. I would test.

Brown discharge and cramping Is this implantation cramping?

it deffinatly sounds like it, however, I had a period that started off that way. If you have missed a pill that could be the reason why

What does cramping a few days after embryo transfer mean?

I know that a certain amount of cramping is normal with a transfer, it could also be implantation. Good luck to you! ~pawsalmighty

Would you feel a tightness or tension in your lower abdomen at the time of implantation bleeding?

Some women do report feeling some light cramping and possibly spotting at the time of implantation. Therefore tightening or tension could be cramping like that. ~pawsalmighty

If one is experiencing pre-menstrual symptoms such as tender breasts and cramping could they be pregnant?


Could you be having implantation bleeding if you have slight cramping pain and light brown and pink bleeding for about 3 days?


Could headaches and light cramping and nausea and light headedness be asociated with implantation bleeding when you should be ovulating?

There is usually no symptoms associated with implantation bleeding apart from vaginal bleeding 8-12 days after intercourse. Not every woman will experience implantation bleeding.

Is bright red spotting after urinating for a day or two 9dpo a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, this could be implantation bleeding. It can also be coupled with cramping.

If you had bleeding and cramping 4 days after sex but your period wasn't due for another week could it be implantation bleeding?

Implantation takes place 2 weeks after a sperm fertelizes an egg; that is 2 weeks, on average, after having intercourse.

If you are experiencing cramping that you never get prior to your period could this be a sign of pregnancy?

This could be a sign of pregnancy but if you are spotting as well it could be an early sign of miscarriage. You may want to go to the dr.

I have had my period it was not a regular period and now i am experiencing cramping and sore back what does this mean could i be going through inplantation?

Talk to your vag doctor

Headache possible implantation bleeding?

Hi I always been regular this month intead of my period I'm getting this strange bleendind w/ some cramping, also I have a bad haedache today does anyone know if that could be implantation bleeding?

You saw bleeding 17 days after the first day of your last period could this have been implantation bleeding?

Hi I'm experiencing this yesterday I was 17 days past the first day of my period and I started bleeding yesterday it was only a little when I wiped today I went to the bathroom and there is no blood I've also had bad cramping but it's only been 17 days past the first day of my last period. Could this be implantation bleeding? Help!! X

Could you be pregnant if you were 2 days late then spotted light pink with cramping Is it implantation bleeding or not?

if that's the only bleeding you have than more than likily that was i.b.

What common symptoms can you have 4 days after conception?

4 days after conception is very early. It is possible although very slight you could have implantation bleeding and slight cramping.

What could be the meaning of a pinching sensation in your abdomen and a brown-pinkish discharge?

The pinching in your abdomen could be the feeling of implantation cramping. You could be pregnant. When implantation happens you will also see a brownish, sometimes pink, discharge. It usually isn't very much, but still it's there. You should make an appointment with your doctor to confirm or deny.

Could you be experiencing implantation bleeding if you started spotting dark brown and light red an entire week before you should start your period?

Yes its possible.

Im about six weeks pregnant and you are experiencing cramping Is this normal?

Cramping is normal during pregnancy and could persist. It could also be a sign that the baby is in distress or that you are having false labor pains. You should go get an ultrasound to make sure that the baby isn't in distress. If the cramping is sever then it could be preterm contractions. If the cramping gets worse and closer together you should go straigh to the hospital and have an ultrasound or to the labor and delivery room at the nearest hospital straight away.

Could you be pregnant if you are a month and a half late on your period and have pregnancy symptoms but after about three weeks you spotted reddish brown with mild cramping?

cramping can be an early sign of pregnancy and the bleeding could be implantation bleeding. I would advise to take a test, after a month and half of being "late" it would definitely register a positive.

What causes low left pelvic pain with cramping and low back pain?

*This is most likely ovulation pain, early premenstrual cramps or if you have had unprotected sex it could be implantation cramps.

Im 5 dpo and noticed a little blood on my used toliet paper also light cramps and bloating could I be pregnant?

Yes, it is possible that you experienced implantation bleeding and cramping.

You had your periods a week ago and right now you are experiencing the same periods infact you are even cramping What could this be?

Cycles can be disrupted by exercising, dieting , and stress. But if you are sexually active this cramping with out bleeding could be a urinary tract infection, see a doctor. If you are having heavy flow and cramping, it could be miscarriage. You will have a positive HPT for two weeks after miscarriage if you want to know for sure. Good luck Joymaker rn

35 weeks pregnant and cramping?

If the cramping starts and stops you could be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions which are normal and not indicative of labor. However, if your amniotic sac breaks and your water starts escaping you are in labor. In either case you should see your doctor.

If you have implantation bleeding around the time of your period will you have stomach pains as if it was your period?

With my first pregnancy I just had the implantation bleeding, no cramping, I felt wonderful. With my second pregnancy I had awful period like cramps. I didn't think I could be pregnant because it felt like my period was coming.

First time period?

If you've had unproected sex or know of a condom braking then there is a chance. You could just be experiencing pre implantation bleeding that is just spotting for a few days