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Unfortunately you can't. Sorry! In the future, save before approaching a legendary. That way if you defeat it, you can turn off the game and try again.

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Q: If you defeat girtina can you catch it again?
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How do get to rotue 224 in Pokemon platinum?

catch girtina

Can you catch Snorlax again if you fanted him?

Yes, only if you defeat the Elite Four all over again. :)

Can you catch Rayquaza again even if you defeat it?

No the only way to get it now is from a friend.

Can you catch an origin girtina in Pokemon diamond?

no but if u want a giratina go to spring path and in the cave is a giratina lv. 70

Can you catch fainted legendaries again in heart gold?

Yes,you can if you defeat the elite-4 and the champion.

Can you still catch azelf when you killed it?

Yes , but first you have to defeat the elite four and champion again

Can you still catch uxie and azelf if they feint?

Yes, but you have to defeat the Elite Four and the Champion again first.

Where to find uxie after you failed to catch?

you can't find Uxie again if you have knocked out Uxie, unless u defeat the elite four again.

How do you catch a Dialga?

Well I caught my dialga with a timer ball so I still had a master ball left to catch girtina so use a quick ball dusk ball or timer ball

How do you resserect Enti after you defeat it so you can catch it?

You can't re catch Entie after you defeat it.

How do you catch girtina in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, there is no possible way to catch a Giritina. You can, however, either catch one in Pokemon Platinum or trade with someone who does have one. In Pokemon Pearl, you catch Palkia at Spear Pillar. In Pokemon Diamond, you catch Dialga at Spear Pillar.

What will i do after cathing Deoxys in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Anything tbh you can defeat the Pokemon league again or catch other rare Pokemon:)

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