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If you delete your app store on your iPod how do you get it back?


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It is not possible to delete the App Store. It stays on your iPod forever.

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You can't delete the App Store. It's pre-installed. If you delete an app that you downloaded, go through a full sync to get it back if auto-syncing for apps is on.

Once you delete an app, it is permanently gone from the iPod. Since it is no longer on your iPod, you have to re-download it from the App Store.

if you have ipod touch 1st gen you can update to 2.1 to get the app store then any other ipod touch has app store but back 2 the question the app store should be on the home screen it is blue and has a pencil and paint brush and a line through the middle and underneath says app store

you cant delete it but you can restrict in in the settings app.

The App Store app automatically comes pre-installed in the iPod Touch.

You cannot delete an app as it is downloading. You have to wait for it to finish downloading, and then you can delete it.

Through an iPod Touch, you have to be connected to Wi-Fi and then you just tap the App Store app.

If you remove a paid application you can simply re-download it free of charge from the iTunes App Store.

i forgot my ipod touch username for app store?

go to the app store located on your ipod touch or on itunes store on your computer

The App store is already on your ipod touch.

The iPod Touch should not delete things when you update it. All content should remain on the iPod (unless you have a jailbroken iPod, in which case it will remove all non-App Store apps and other jailbroken features).

If it is an app you can get the app again, but if your talking about data if you backed it up to your computer you should be able to find it on your computer

I don't think you can get your money back by deleting it, but you might be able to send the creators of the app an email to complain, and then they might refund you.

hold your finger on the app for 5 secs then click the x button in the corner then delete:]

No, sadly you don't you have to be careful when choosing. But you do get the space back :o

You can delete any app from your iPod Touch by holding your finger on the app until they all start to giggle. There should be a little X on the tip left of every app you downloaded, tap the X and that app will be removed. Then press menu to stop the giggle and the UI will go back to normal.

You hold down an app and you see a little x on all of the apps. Press the x on the app you wanted to delete. It will delete it.

Yes you do. When you delete an app, it goes out of your ipod/iphone.

There isnt really a way to delete it, well because it is a built in application. There are different app buying apps that people can buy from the itunes app store that is able to be deleted, but it can be redownloaded easily from the itunes app store.

iPod touches have a youtube app built in. It is impossible to delete it.

You can find an app store online for your ipod 4 on your ipod. Usually, they will have the app installed for you so you don't have to go through the hassle yourself.

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