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If you die -have no assets and owe for credit cards who has to pay the bills?



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If one dies with no assets, not impossible in a small estate, then as a general rule there is nothing to pay debts with period; a credit card creates a debt; when a person dies, his estate is supposed to be distributed according to specific state rules; the rules create an order for the distrubution of assets. Where there are no assets, obviously the rules of order dont apply. In most of the states in the United States of America, debts which are incurred (gotten) in the name of a dead person while alive are debts to the estate, not to the living, unless there is a certain kind of fraud and it can be shown. In less than lofty language, as a general rule, where there are no assets, creditors eat the debt. (Which is one of the reasonx, creditors tend to limit debt to that which they feel comfortable in expecting to get back.For example, in this particular economic and financial climate, creditors and lenders are more interested in what they get back rather than what they get. In short, if the dead owe the debts, then the creditors have to look to the dead for the debt. Not the living....