If you dig deep enough into the Earth what will you always find?

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A big ball of Nickel that spins. above that is lava then rocks then more rocks then maybe water then maybe more rocks then some dirt and rocks mixed and then some soil is on top or maybe just rocks are on top. But i may go with BEDROCK if i were in 4th grade and this were a question on the test.
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How deep should you dig a grave?

Six feet deep this is referenced in the popular televison show Six Feet Under I suggest 4-6 feet for the hole. Any deeper and the casket will collapse in the pressure of the dirt. Four feet for infants, six feet for adults

How deep is earth?

the dept of the Earth's crust is from 10 to 70 km in different areas. Global average around 40 kilometres deep. the total diameter of the Earth with approx. 12800 kilometer.

How deep should you dig a grave for a dog?

A grave for your pet should be deep enough that other burrowing or digging animals can't reach the remains. This is generally regarded as about three feet (The top of the coffin, box etc. should be three feet below the surface, add the height of the box to the depth of the grave.). If you can't dig ( Full Answer )

Why did the Vietcong dig deep tunnel complexes?

The two main reasons for any combatant to go underground is: Concealment & Protection. Concealment from the enemy, and protection from Aerial Bombs dropped by US/Allied aircraft, as well as concealment from US/Allied Observation airplanes (0-1 Bird Dogs, 0-2 Skymasters, 0V-10 Broncos, and helicopter ( Full Answer )

How deep can bashkir curly dig for food?

Known for its curly winter coat, the Bashkir Curly is able to withstand extremely cold temperatures and dig food out from under 3 foot deep snow

How deep to dig a cats grave?

When digging a grave for a cat or any other family pet, you mustdig the grave anywhere between three to five feet deep. However, besure you also check your local township laws before burying pets onyour property.

How do you find dig in gold version?

Go to the park above goldenrod. Go all the way east and then north. You will see a guy standing there and if you go to the right there will be an opening in the fence. Go left and keep following the path. When there is a break in the trees go to the left and voila. There is tbe TM for. I just found ( Full Answer )

How deep do hermit crabs dig in the wild?

There is no way to tell for sure but from captivity we know that they have no problem tunneling a foot deep or more. So it is safe to say that they will dig as deep as they are able.

Can you find marbles by digging in the dirt?

I've found 39 antique marbles in the dirt while landscaping my yard. Another Answer Marbles to not naturally occur in dirt, but, as above, can be left there and dug up some time later. You can read about how marbles are made, below.

Were can you find dig in pokemon saphire?

to get tm28 dig you have to go to fallabor town and go into the fossil maniacs house and talk to the little guy and he will give you dig

How deep do ground hogs dig?

Some about 5 feet deep but as long as 30 feet across with as many as 5 openings along that route. Others are lazier and don't do as much.

How do you dig a deep hole?

\n. \n. \nThe first step towards digging a deep hole starts with a single shovel of dirt. Then another and another and another....\nYou may need to reinforce the sides and wood is good for that.\nAlso, it is much easier with soft soil so consider soaking it a day or so before.\n. \nAnother way to ( Full Answer )

How deep can you dig in the earth?

This is limited by technology. Currently the deepest mines are about 4 km deep while the deepest bore holes are just over 12 km deep. Mining and Engineering companies are continually upgrading technology and capabilities to dig/drill deeper.

Do voles dig deep holes in yard?

I won't say "Yes" but I will say "Hell Yes!!" I have been dealing with them off and on in my lawn for almost 12 years. Worse still, they burrowed under the foundation wall and got into my HVAC flex duct. I have tried everything to rid them from my lawn from poison to trapping. The problem is I live ( Full Answer )

Do raccoons dig in earth?

Yes, they do. They mostly dig holes to catch prey living underground. Sometimes they dig holes in the ground as shelter, but almost never

How deep did the coal miners have to dig to get the coal?

Depths of coal seams vary from place to place. The first coal mine in the US was in Midlothian VA, near Richmond. Coal was present on the surface- just pick it up. Later mines in that area were about 360 ft deep. Other mines are deeper- but much coal is still mined from the surface in high wall or l ( Full Answer )

How deep do moles dig?

I did some research and found out that they can dig upto 12 inches deep not sure if they can dig deeper

How deep is it to dig to house water main on property?

The answer to this is undefined. "By laws" state that a water main may not be less than 500mm from the ground surface, therefore a plumber can go any depth as long as he goes deeper than 500mm from the ground surface.

Where to find dig in Pokemon black?

you go onto the route that takes you to the electric city and it is the house what you go past to get to the ancent ruins and talk to the closet person and he will give you dig :P

How deep do coquina shells dig?

The animal lives in colonies just below the surface of the sand in the littoral zone (the area along the store which is usually exposed to the sun twice a day due to tides).

How deep do you dig for french drain?

The size of a french drain depends on how well you soil drains. The soil where I live is heavy orange-tan clay, and you cannot dig a big enough french drain to carry away even a small amount of water. A civil engineer should be of some help, although you will likely pay for her advice.

How deep worms can dig?

They dig as deep as they can go. They also follow a migration cycle. I found a worm in my backyard when I was 6, and when I was 26 I went to Japan and found him again! I couldn't believe it. Worms can make it anywhere, the strong ones at least.

How deep would you have to dig under the ocean to reach a core?

Well, no scientict or explorer has found the exact amount of deepness to go. I would guess around 1000,0000km. It would scientifically be impossible to reach the earth's core. You would burn before even reaching it as the core is even hotter than the sun!

Where to find TM for dig in emerald?

got to fallarbor town there is a old man standing with a pocheyana there is a house go in there is a little kid talk to the kid he u will get dig

What do you mean by dig down deep?

If you "dig down deep" then you search deeply into your emotions. You usually hear this in reference to "digging down deep" to come up with courage to do something.

What do you dig to find water?

You can dig a simple well to reach groundwater. You can digreally deep to find an aquifer, a permeable rock layer that holdsunderground water.

What does it mean when you dream of digging the earth and finding jewelry and gold?

It means that your research efforts have uncovered valuable information. It also could mean that you feel that you are on the right track in your investigations and that you are bound to uncover something important sooner or later. Note that the dream does not necessarily promise any future discover ( Full Answer )

Why would you not expect to find obsidian deep in the recesses of the earth?

Obsidian is another name for "volcanic glass". For a glass to formthe molten lava must be cooled very, very quickly. The deeprecesses of the Earth are not cold, they are warm and this meansthat molten lave intruded into the deep recesses of the Earth willnot cool quickly and thus Obsidian can never ( Full Answer )