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If you disputed the sold Collections account and it was removed but the main creditor still shows as Transferred will that also be removed?

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2006-08-23 15:03:59

If the main creditor shows as transferred--but paid as agreed

prior--leave it alone. It is not hurting your credit. If it shows a

past due balance or just a balance still unpd but transferred then

by all means call the lender and ask for a letter stating that this

is being corrected. Make sure you have the person's name and ext so

you can reach them later-- make sure the letter has your name and

account number--and is signed or the repositories won't use it. You

can send a copy of this letter to all 3 credit repositories

(although there are 4 now)-- YOU keep the original for yourself.

Don't throw it away as you may find that you will need it later--6

months, or even 2 yrs from now.

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