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Your options would be open. You should speak with either a career or transfer counselor at the school you graduated from, and/or an enrollment specialist/admissions counselor at the four year institution of your choice. If you plan on staying within graphic design you could major in graphic design at The Bachelor's level, or choose a related field.

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Q: If you do an associate's degree for graphic design and you want to do a BA or BS to help you with your associates what are the options?
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What is the name of the degree for teaching graphic design?

Bachelor's degree in graphic design or art.

What services does Kemp Graphic Design Firm specialize in?

Kemp Graphic Design Firm specializes in teaching the art of graphic design in all areas to students attending to receive their degree in graphic design.

What type of college degree to do design and layout at a magazine?

One would be a degree in graphic design.

How do I start a graphic design career ?

You can obtain an undergraduate degree. Also interning at a graphic design firm can get you on the right track.

What is the best degree to pursue to become a video game designer?

The best degree to pursue if you want to become a video game designer would be a degree in graphic design. A graphic design in computers will help you design images on a computer.

How many colleges with graphic design degrees operate in Dtroit, MI?

Michigan Public Colleges and Universities which offers the best degree program and provided the online degree program,animation,web design,graphic design

What are some steps I need to take to obtain a career in graphic design?

To become a graphic designer you will most likely need a bachelors degree from a four year school or a 2 year associates degree. Internships are great ways to network, gain on the job experience and find a future career. Good Luck!

What is the recommended degree to gain employment in graphic designing?

Bachelors of Fine Arts In Graphic Design (BFA)

Where can someone study online for a graphic design qualification?

Getting a degree online is very easy to do these days with access to the internet. One can obtain a degree in Graphic Design by enrolling at Sessions, New School, and The Graphics Design School.

Are there any universities in Texas where you can get a graphic design degree?

There are several places where you can get a graphic design degree in Texas. There are many locations of the famed Art Institutes. You can also go to Walden University and Westwood College.

The Options You Have with Graphic Design Careers?

Many people think that getting a graphic design degree entails only that you would be eligible for a graphic design position. This just isn't true. The truth is that once you've got a graphic design degree under your belt, the options are endless as far as graphic design careers go. There is so much that you can do with that official document, and a lot of it can be done right from home without having to apply or find a job. Before getting into all of the options that graphic designers have once they leave school, it's a good idea to do a quick overview of what exactly graphic design is all about. A graphic designer usually has the responsibility of conveying a client's message through a product or advertisement. Graphic design is everywhere; magazines, movies, signs on the street, restaurants, hospitals, and many more places. Once a person graduates with a graphic design degree, he/she can expect to start out at anywhere from $20k-$25k, and after they've become a bit seasoned in their field, anywhere from $40k-$70k. Additionally, working in graphic design usually requires that the designer possesses people skills, has the ability to meet deadlines, knows how to work with common design computer applications, and more. Once a graphic designer graduates, a whole world of opportunities can open up for him/her. One of the most popular positions that a graphic designer may go for obviously is a graphic design position. Many companies look for an ongoing designer to work with while others might seek a one-time freelance designer for a single job. Because a graphic designer learns a lot about web design these days while in school, he/she would be eligible to apply for a web design job as well. Many times, web design jobs are strictly in the freelance category, but there are also companies that look for designers to build a website for them and then provide ongoing maintenance. This could also be considered freelance work. Additionally, the designer can seek out other jobs such as publication design, book design, product packaging design, etc. There are tons of things that a designer can do with a graphic design degree, and they're all around you!

Are there any undergraduate degree programs in Graphic Design at the Kuwait University?

At the American University of Kuwait, a four year bachelor program in Graphic Design is offered. After completion of the degree, the graduates can work in a variety of design fields ranging from print design, architecture, digital design and heritage documentation.