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Q: If you do not carry workmens comp insurance can a company you are doing work for charge you for workmen's comp insurance?
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What is a mdi adjustment on a car payment?

When you take a loan out on a car, the company that loans you the money requires you to carry insurance to cover the loss of the vehicle in an accident. If you do not provide them with information, or do not carry insurance, they will get insurance for you, and charge you the cost.

Is the insurance company liable to replace a stolen car with only liability insurance?

If you only carry liability insurance, that is all that the insurance company is liable for in this state.

Is a company required to carry workman's compensation insurance on subcontractors?

A company is required to carry workman's compensation insurance on subcontractors. This is regardless of the number of employees a subcontractor employs.

How long does an employee have to work for you to carry workmens compensation in Illinois?

The minute that employee sets foot on your premisis he is covered. Now for regular health insurance he/she will have a time period as stated by your company. But workman compensation covers ANY employee regardless of how long they have been in your employment.

If your employer does not carry Workmens Comp can you get your own individual policy?

In most states the employer MUST carry Workmens Comp. It's the law. Check with your local wage and hour or whatever it's called in your state. Workmens Comp protects employees while on the job and pays for the medical costs when an accident occurs while at work. On the other hand, if you're talking about health insurance, employers are not required to carry medical policies for employees but many employers do because it is a good way to keep valuable employees from seeking other employment.

You got a speeding ticket but in Connecticut you get no points for that will your insurance go up now?

If the violation shows on your drivers transcript, the insurance company has the ability to charge a surcharge points or not. Not all motor vehicle violations carry points.

What coverages does a company have to carry on work vehicles?

Liability or fleet insurance

What specialty stores carry a home insurance calculator?

You could find a home insurance calculator on most of the home insurance company websites. You could also ask your insurance company how much it will be too.

When a vehicle has been repossessed and taken to the auction does Honda carry insurance on it?

Not only does Honda have insurance on the vehicle, so does the repossession company, the storage company, the transport company, and the aution agency.

Can you refuse to have an insurance company carry out repairs to your van and do them yourself after an rta?

after an insurance company is involed after a road traffic accident can i refuse thier offer and do the repairs myself

Does your proof of insurance that you carry in your car have to be the original or can it be a copy of the original?

Your insurance company will give you a insurance card with all of the information needed for proof of insurance. Show that to whoever is interested.

Can you carry homeowners insurance on company property?

Commercial property cannot be covered by homeowner's insurance. Commercial property insurance must be purchased for that category of property.

I was recently hired as a big rig driver. Do I need to carry insurance or just my employer?

Your company will pay for the insurance if you are driving and working for a specific company. If you are an independent contractor driving for someone, you will have to maintain your own insurance for your job.

Where is a place to get this admiral car insurance and is it popular?

Admiral Car Insurance is a company based in the UK. It is a relatively new company that offers policies to those who pay high premiums due to the lack of carry insurance in the past.

Who needs to carry personal umbrella insurance and what does it cover?

Personal umbrella insurance coverage and costs vary by company. Most require that you carry a defined amount of liability on your car or home policy.

What states does Wawanesa Insurance cover?

Wawanesa is a Canadian insurance company. They currently do business in only california and oregon. If you traveled to Canada, the insurance would carry over.

What particles does not carry an electrical charge in an atom?

--- are atoms that carry an electric charge

Can an insurance company force you to carry your spouse on your plan?

An insurance company, at it's sole discretion, may force health/dental coverage on your spouse if the policy was purchased directly from the company due to the company's underwriting guidelines for standard procedures and are approved by the Insurance Commissioner.

Can you keep the health insurance you get from your parents if you get married?

It depends on the insurance company, but I personally have never known of a company that would allow a parent to continue to carry insurance on a child after that child married, because at that point, you are no longer a 'dependant' of your parents.

What are positive charges?

Protons carry a positive charge, electrons carry a negative charge and neutrons do not carry a charge.

Can you carry auto insurance with no car?

You have to have a vehicle to carry auto insurance.

What are positively charged particles?

Protons carry a positive charge, electrons carry a negative charge and neutrons do not carry a charge.

What is a sr26?

If you carry an SR22 (proof of financial responsibility) on your auto insurance policy, the SR26 is notification sent by your insurance company to the state to let the state know your insurance policy has canceled.

Where can one purchase watercraft insurance?

Watercraft insurance can be bought at any insurance company. Most insurance companies carry boat or jetski insurance. You might have to pay a little more since it is a pleasure item and not a necessity item.

Can you still collect on your own insurance without paying the deductible after an accident.?

If you have collision coverage on your vehicle you can collect from your insurance company for the damages. You will not have to pay the deductible if you were determined by the insurance company to not be at fault for the accident. They then go after the other insurance company to get the money they paid you back. If you do not carry collision coverage then you need to file with other insurance company, they will then decide who was at fault for the accident if their party was at fault they then pay you for the damages to your vehicle.