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Taking oral contraceptives helps keep you regular so your periods are on time every month. I can't say it helps you ovulate because you don't ovulate while on the pill. If you miss a pill during the time you would have normally ovulated without the pill, take it as soon as you remember and use another form of birth cotrol as a backup.

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No, the combination pill doesn't work like that.

The combination pill suppresses your entire menstrual cycles to stop ovulation, if you skip a pill around the time you think you should have ovulated you won't ovulate, it simply doesn't work like that - if anything this will cause even greater irregularity. If you have abnormal cycles there is a reason for that so see your doctor to investigate what is wrong and look into treatment options.

Hormonal birth control does NOT regulate periods - this is a myth.

Hormonal Birth Control suppresses menstrual cycles in order to stop ovulation, as you no longer ovulate you also no longer menstruate - the bleeding women experience is a withdrawal bleed caused by the drop in synthetic hormones when going from active to inactive pills. If a woman has irregular cycles that should be investigated and treated, not covered-up with the pill at risk to health.

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Q: If you do not ovulate because of abnormal periods does taking oral contraceptive help you ovulate if you miss a pill around the time you are supposed to ovulate?
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Ovulation while pregnant?

No, a woman is not supposed to ovulate while pregnant

What is the difference between safe and unsafe period?

During your menstrual cycle there is a period known as safe which is when you don't ovulate. The opposite is the period when you do ovulate which is unsafe if you want to avoid pregnancy. Some couples rely ion this as a contraceptive but it's very unsafe since women don't always ovulate at the same days each month.

If you had intercourse right before your last period and where supposed to ovulate 3 days ago but havent yet is that a sign could you be pregnant?

You have to ovulate in order to get pregnant.

Im having white odorless vaginal discharge what does it mean im on contraceptive pills can i be pregnant?

no many women discharge like that a week or so before they receive their period. its usually how most women ovulate.

Why don't guys get periods?

Because they don't ovulate.

When should you take a pregnancy test if you are on birth control and only have your period every three months?

Take it when you are supposed to ovulate and in the morning with your first urin.

How soon do you take a pregnancy test after being on depoverra a contraceptive and you dont know when your last period was?

It may take a few months to get your period back--and to ovulate. You might get a basal thermometer to try to estimate when you ovulate and go from there. Still, you may not be pregnant. Save your money on pregnancy tests until you have real symptoms or the basal temperature indicates you might be pregnant. Keep track of the dates on a calendar.

If you were supposed to ovulate on February 26 and had intercourse how soon could you take a pregnancy test?

Usually 8 days after intercourse is the soonest that you can accurately tell if you are pregnant or not.

Do you ovulate each time you have your period?

You ovulate befrore you period starts. Ovulation is when the egg drops from the ovary and goes down the tube. Your period is when your body sheds the egg and the extra linging it has built in the uterus. You have to ovulate to have a period. Unless you are using a hormonal birth control No, you don't necessarily ovulate just because you have your period.

What are the odds of conceiving if you are supposed to be ovulating the 28th through the 2nd and you have sex on the morning of the 31st?

You only ovulate on 1 day and if it is 31st you have a 40% chance of getting pregnant.

How long after missing 3 birth control pills can you ovulate?

You may ovulate straight away or you may not ovulate forseven days. You need to continue taking your pills as normal and you will also need to use a backup method of protection for seven days because you missed pills.

Can you be pregnant and still ovulate?

No, once you become pregnant your body no longer releases an egg because the one before has been fertilized. It you could still ovulate it would cause you to have a period.

What is the difference between a spontaneous ovulator and an induced ovulator?

Spontaneous ovulator is like animals that ovulate out of nowhere. Induced ovulator is when animals ovulate because of/after mating like Llamas and cats.

If i cant get pregnant is it because i ovulate during my period?

No, your period follows ovulation.

You had dark brown discahrge in your underwear and bad cramping the day you were supposed to ovulate What does that mean?

As I am a girl and obvously have periods, a few days before i am due to start my period this is what happens to me. I don't know if you ovulate the around the same time as your period. Hope i have answered your question though. Mabe you are due to start your period???

If i had unprotected sex on the 1st of septemer and expecting my period on the 17th of September is their a chance i am pregnant?

You could be pregnant. A woman can get pregnant through her whole cycle if she doesn't use a contraceptive. There is no fool proof moment in the month where you can say you will not get pregnant if you have sex. Women's cycles vary and as such, you can ovulate on the 14th day of your period, or on the 10th. Also, sperm can live up to a few days in your body. Finally, it is possible for a woman to ovulate twice in her cycle.

Why do I have a period every 14 days and yet I do not ovulate?

Periods are supposed to occur every 28 days. if yours occurs every 14 days, I would see a gynocologist.

Do you ovulate when menopausal?

When a woman have hit menopause completely she does not ovulate because there are no eggs left. Up until she has entered Menopause completely, there can still be times when she ovulates. So ask your doctor where you are in the cycle.

Does a regular period mean that you ovulate every month?

maybe. you can have periods and not ovulate and you can ovulate and not have periods.

Can you ovulate if you have no cervix?

Yes, you can ovulate when you have no cervix. The cervix is the opening to the uterus, whereas you ovulate from the ovary.

Do you ovulate before your cycle or after?

You ovulate befor your cycle and after, but you do not start to ovulate for two to three days after.

In what week of pregnancy can a pregnancy test be effective?

A pregnancy test can detect the pregnancy hormone 7-14 days after conception, because most women do not ovulate until two weeks before your period is supposed to start. It is useless to take a test within five days of your missed period.

Is it easier to get pregnant before or after you ovulate?

i would say before because after you ovulate your egg dies after 24 hours.... so i would say your ov date is easiest BUT before is ok 2 because sperm stays in womb for 3-5 days! xx

Do you still ovulate after you have conceived?

No, if you are pregnant, you do not ovulate.

How many days after period do you ovulate?

When you ovulate depends on your menstrual cycle. You ovulate two weeks BEFORE your period, so how soon after your period you ovulate depends on how long your menstrual cycle is.