If you do not pay your condo dues are you still a condo association member?


Your membership in your condominium association, which is the business chartered with the tasks involved with 'protecting, preserving and maintaining' the real estate assets you own in common with all other owners, is not optional. When you purchased your unit, you agreed in writing not only to membership, but to abide by the guidelines established in your governing documents.

You agreed, as well, to pay your monthly assessments, which pay for such operating expenses as mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, painting the exterior of the building(s), master insurance policy premiums, and regular contributions to reserves which the association uses to pay for replacing major systems, such as the roof(s).

When you don't pay your assessments, the association is required to pursue you for the debt you owe. Penalties for non-payment may include late fees, notices of violation, a lien in your title, and in the worst case, sale of your unit to pay your unpaid assessments.

Read your governing documents to most fully understand your responsibilities and rights as an owner in the private democracy where you own a condominium.