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In New York, the law gives you 3 days to change your mind. Just go in and tell them that you don't want the car.

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Are you supposed to bring a gift to a retirement party?

You don't have to, but people will often bring one or will have joined together and collected money from people to buy something.

What did people who migrate bring with them?

They didnt bring much but some stuff like money (not that much either) clothes and blankets (just in case they had too sleep in the streets)

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Mesopatomia didnt use money at that time money didnt exist they had to do things therself to get the stuff they need.

What action should you take when your license is about to expire?

Go to the license office and get it renewed. Bring the right identification papers(birth certificate, social security, etc,) and money.

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After you've signed papers on the car and the auto finance company rejects you for a loan can you bring the car back and not try to get another finance company to loan you money for the car?


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it can bring money by hotel, and more

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You Don't. You Are Supposed To Work For Money

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money you get payed for somthing like if you go to prison and you didnt do it you get money

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No, if we didnt have the sea than we wouldn't be living today. Long before money people aka Native Americans traded goods and they didnt even have money so NO!

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He had poor experiences growing up and believed that money was the source of all happiness. Anyone who didnt work hard or didnt fight to gain money was not worthy of him

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no he didnt.,he is still repin' fo yung money

Did poor roman children go to school?

poor roman kids didnt go to school because they didnt have the money to

When do movie trailers usually come out for new movies?

4-5 weeks in advance if the movie is supposed to really bring in the money and is very popular it could go up to 18 months

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in his hat didnt you know it was magic

What are some conflicts in the story the gift of the magi?

She didnt have enough money to buy Jim something, She has to cut her hair for money, She didnt know what to get Jim, & she was afraid her husband would be mad at her.

You have money you didnt spend on your psn wallet can you get back your real money?

No money deposited in you Playstation Wallet is non refundable

What good did Hugo Chavez bring to Venezuela?

he bring money and fairness

If you are supposed to receive inheritance money from a will but it doesn' state the age you are supposed to get it do you automatically get it when you turn 18 or does the will holder get to decide w?

When you become an adult, you are entitled to the money. The executor has no choice but to distribute the money.

Who do you write out a money order to for domestic partnership papers?

The person in question.