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If you are pulling a trailer you should use the D instead of the OD this will give you more power to the wheels. As for the other lower gears they would come in handy say if you lost your brakes and needed to decelerate other than that you should just put it in OD

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Q: If you don't have to change gears in an automatic car what's the 1st 2ns 3rd D and OD uses for and at what speeds or conditions do you use them?
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How many gears does a 2001 Ford Escort have?

4 speeds for automatic 5 for manual

How many speeds as in gears do you have in your 1995 dodge ram 1500?

The automatic has 4, the manual has 5

Where can you find the recommended gear change speeds for your car?

The vehicle manual usually says what speeds to do in which gears.

What do moped rollers do?

They change the gears on a automatic bike to put it simply

Can you change the gears in automatic cars while driving?

no im 30023

Are gears in motogp bikes automatic?

No the gear's are not automatic , It's manual meaning the rider has to constantly change the gear's himself .

What does a gear ratio describe?

Gear ratio is the ratio of the rotational speeds of the first and last gears. It reflects the change in mechanical advantage which results from the gears.

Why is it rough when gears change in Honda Civic automatic?

you have to little transmission oil in your box.

If driving a car with a automatic transmission up a steep hill do you change gears?

When driving a car with an automatic transmission up a steep hill it is not necessary to shift gears. The car will do that on its own when necessary.

At what speeds do you shift gears on a 2007 Toyota matrix?

you are suppose to change at 3000 rpm to get your correct gas mileage

What are signs of transmission problems?

Gears slipping, such as sudden high RPM's and loss of power while driving. Failing to change gears at a certain RPM in an automatic.

Why will my 1988 Toyota truck 2WD change gears while not running but won't when running?

Is it a manual or automatic?

How many gears does your 900 vulcan have?


When do you use gear 1 on an automatic?

An automatic selects its own gears and some automatics do not have staged gears but are continuously variable.

Why is my automatic transmission not changing gears?

Check fluid level Change fluid and filter Bring to a transmission shop

How many gears are in a daycab international semi truck?

As many as the purchasing agent ordered it with. It could have an Allison automatic with five or six gears, it could have an Eaton-Fuller manual or automatic with 9, 10, 13, or 18 gears, it could have a ZF Meritor automatic with 12 gears.

Why do motorcycles have gears?

For the same reason that cars have gears, to allow the vehicle to be driven at greater speeds.

How many gears does an average automatic car have?

Automatic cars offer drivers much greater convenience as they no longer have to manually clutch in to shift gears. Most automatic cars available come with 4 gears, plus an additional reverse gear.

Why is it hard to change gears on your automatic transmission?

Did you use the right transmission fluid or did you forget to maintain your transmission otherwise, your gears are broken and needed to be replaced.. chances are you need a new transmission.

What makes a automatic car not change gears in a 98 cavalier?

low tranny fluid. transmission may need rebuild.

Is dodge viper automatic?

no it has 6 gears

What can you do if a 1995 Mazda 323F automatic will not change gears from 3rd upwards?

ollie Collinschange the oil, if no better will prob need a new valve body.

Why would a 1997 Chevy Cavalier rev up before changing gears and change gears to much?

In an automatic transmission this usually means the trany is low on fluid or the trany has internal problems.

Why would a 1993 Dodge Colt 1.8L automatic transmission not change gears?

You are doing something wrong.. TAke it to the trans shop.

How do you change gear on Mario Kart wii?

you do not change gears it just a drafting automatic means you drift by your self, manual mean you have to do it a certain way to get a tiny boost