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Yes, I believe the authorities still have the right to sue you because you have illegally downloaded(copied) music which goes against the copyright laws. Though, the good news is that authorites seem to only be trying to get hold of the people that have gigs and gigs of songs on their computers not the average joe with only a few.

Legally though, I would still recommened you use services such as iTunes to get music legally.

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It's not illegal to pirate anything, its illegal to sell or distribute it. using Limewire you are already distributeing it by seeding and you can not turn it off. If you use bitcomet you have the option of turning off the seeding by reduceing your download speed. so either break the law or wait 3 weeks for a 20 meg file to download, your choice

yeh true

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Q: If you download music off LimeWire but do not share it could you still get into trouble or be sued?
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Can you get in trouble if you download music from LimeWire?

Yes but is very very slim chance. Limewire is shutdown

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No, in order to dowload the music from Limewire, you have to download it.

How do you download music to a PC?

Limewire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DOWNLOAD LIMEWIRE)

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LimeWire connection doesnt download music fast?

limewire free download has a lot of virus.. it could destroy your computer if you keep downloading music, video, pictures..

How do you download music from LimeWire to mp3s?

You use Limewire to download MP3' need to convert them.

Can you download music onto your Flashdrive?

no,i can't download music to my flashdrive,but you can from limewire.

Why did they make LimeWire?

So people could download sh!t from it, like music.

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Where you can download a music?

download frostwire best music downloader thing and its all free :) (its the same as limewire but it doesnt have viruses like limewire does)

Do people get arrested for using LimeWire?

If people are using LimeWire to download songs illegally, then there is a chance they may get arrested if caught. To stay away from trouble, it is best to purchase music.

Is LimeWire illegal to download music off?

Limewire itself is legal, but downloading music off it for free is not.

Where can you download country music?

you can download it on limewire orrrrr.... itunes

How do you download music software?

Type in Limewire Download on Google.

Does it cost to download songs from LimeWire to an iPod?

Limewire and file-sharing services are legal. You can download music for free from the service but you should not download copyright protected music, as that is illegal.

How do you download music off LimeWire to your mp3 player?

you download limewire of the internet then once you have it you search the song that you want

What other music sites like LimeWire can you download for your PC?

You Could Use Frost-Wire

How do you put music from LimeWire to computer to mp3?

when you download music from limewire it automatically goes to a folder in MyDocuments called Limewire. In your music player or Itunes or whatever you have open the limewire files there and then sync to your mp3

What's the best way to download music?

Download limewire, then you can download for free.