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Unless the policy has a clause that says it is only insured for listed drivers, the insurance follows the car. If it is listed on your friend's policy, it is covered whenever a licensed driver is behind the wheel. This is assuming that you are only borrowing the car temporarily. If you are using it long-term your friend should have you listed as the primary driver on his policy.

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What would happen if a friend lets you borrow his insured car and you get into an accident but you do not own a car or have insurance?

I believe most insurances will cover the damages if the car is insured and you have a license, but if you do not have a license the insurance will not cover anything you are both liable. Your friend is liable for loning you the car without a license and you are liable for driving it.

What insurance license is needed to sell business liability insurance in Montana?

i would recomend that you contact pro metrics and request the Hannah Montana insurance producers license exam materials. good luck with that. i am glad i could help a friend in need.

Your friend was caught without car insurance and had his license suspended but is unable to pay insurance or fines and will lose his job without a car Is there anything he can do?

If he has to have a car to keep his job, but can't get his license reinstated or pay for the insurance, then he won't be able to keep his job.

What happens if you don't have insurance and you get into a car accident driving your friends car she has insurance?

As long as she has the correct insurance that allows the car to lent to a friend then it should cover you.

What will happen to me if my friend borrows my car and they don't have a license or any insurance and get pulled over by the police?

Your Friend Will get multiple traffic tickets for driving without insurance and without a drivers license. If your friend has an at fault accident. The other party or his insurer can sue both you and your friend for any and all damages incurred. They can sue your friend because he was the driver and they can sue you because you are the owner of the vehicle who allowed him to drive your vehicle. .

If a friend driving your car was ticketed for 93 in a 70 whose insurance will it affect?

There should be no question for your insurance. Your friends insurance will be affected, not yours. unless there was something wrong with the vehicle( ie. suspension or bad registration) any moving violations are specific to the license holder, not the auto. Hope this helps you feel a little better about the situation.

Do insurance companies frown upon lending vehicles to friends?

Only if the friend gets into an "at fault" accident.

Your car was totaled in a cardeer accident the insurance was in a friends name and a check was mailed by the insurance whos check is it mine or his?

Legally, its the friends because the insurance was in the friends name. Insurance checks are meant to be used on repairs to the vehicle or toward the purchase of a new vehicle. So you could try to force the friend to use the check toward the vehicle by taking them to court. Or you can start paying for your own insurance and not have to worry about the loyalty of your friends.

If a friend drove your vehicle when there was no insurance and was involved in an accident who is liable for the cost to replace the car?

There is more than one answer to this question. Because you did not state who was at fault in the accident. If the other driver was at fault, it is that person or their insurance company that is responsible for the repairs on your car. If it is the friends fault, then it is the friend that is responsible. Even if the friend did or did not know you had did not have insurance.

Can you drive a friends car on their USA insurance with a UK driving license?

A friend of mine loaned his car to a friend of his, who was visiting from Europe. Well, his friend drove the car off a cliff and completely wrecked it, along with being charged with a dui. His friend ended up skipping town and going back home. Fortunately, the insurance company covered the vehicle. Still, you should read over your policy just to be sure. To my knowledge, most insurance companies cover the car, regardless who drives it. But again, look over your policy so you know for sure. Or, contact your insurance broker and they can tell you. Hope this helps.

Your son was driving his friends car with permission and got into an accident - does he have to pay top fix the car himself or does insurance cover this.?

That depends on the insurance that you and the friend have. Your insurance may cover your son in any vehicle. Same as with the friends insurance covering any driver. You just have to call and ask.

How do you get mutual friend to my Facebook on my friend page?

you are friends with another friend on another friends profile, mutual friends mean you are friends with another friend!-_-

Should my friend be a close friend of best friend?

I don't see why not. Let friends be friends. I let my friends be friends with my enemies.

What is the meaning of this term ''friend of a friend''?

The meaning of the term "a friend of a friend" is a person who is friends with one of your friends. e.g. Bob and Mary are friends. Mary and Fred are friends. Bob and Fred are not friends. To Bob, Fred would be a friend of a friend, because they are both friends with Mary.

Will the owner's auto insurance increase if his friend with an international drivers license gets a speeding ticket while driving the car but doesn't pay it in Minnesota?

Often out of state tickets will not show up on your license if you just pay them. Failing to pay a ticket brings it to the attention of the state, and it gets put into the state drivers license database. Once that happens, the insurance companies get a copy of it and it affects your insurance rates.

You have no car or insurance if you drive a friends car are you covered by their insurance?

Provided that there are no exclusions in your friends policy, anybody driver their car with permission will be covered if they cause an accident. You are of course subject to the coverages and limits on your friends policy. Ex, if your friend has just liability, the insurance company will only pay for damages you cause to the other party, not damage to the vehicle you were driving.

I wrecked my friends car they didn't have insurance do i have to pay?

Yes. If you caused damage to somebody's property you are responsible. The definition of insurance is a transfer of risk. If your friend had insurance on the car then the risk would have been transferred from you to the insurance company, but would still make you at fault.

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What is the difference between friend with courage and a friend of the court?

Friends are friends. But friends have different qualities, you know which friend to turn to at what point.

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Maybe it is best to not even tell them because if your friends friend tells your friend then your friend won't want to be friends with you or maybe you could at least TRY to be friends with your friends friend. Or, tell your friend and hopefully he/she will do something. Avoid talking to your friend's friend until you decide you want to be their friend, too. 4-12-11

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