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You can take the GED test which is the same as a high school diploma.

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i have a adult school diploma, can i still join the marines corp with it?

A high school diploma or GED is normally required, but you can still enroll while you are still in high school for a trade program.

It depends on the state and high school where you attended school, however, most high schools will allow students to return until their 21st birthday. Also if you had a discipline history with the school, you may face barriers with the school administrators. It depends on how serious you are about obtaining a HS diploma. You can also sign up for GED classes and obtain that sooner than a diploma. If you plan on attending a college, many still accept GED certificates.

Yes, if a grandpa can still get his High School Diploma yes

he is only 16. He is still in high school.

i think you get it and you can go to college with it .

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Yes, he can still attend college. As long as he has a high school diploma and takes the SAT or ACT he will be okay.

You can still go to college if you get your GED or diploma. At a minimum, most colleges require a GED or diploma to attend. Many require SAT or ACT scores.

how the hell am i supposed to know? im still in high school!!!

Probably not. As of 2005, he still didn't have his high school diploma.

Nope, she is homeschooled and is 18 already she is going to get her highschool diploma.

The massage therapist has graduated from a school with a diploma and has a license to practice massage. The student practitioner is still in school. does not have a diploma or license. There are minor variations from state to state, but that's pretty much it.

Yes, you can. Your driver's license is not dependent upon whether or not you attend(ed) school.

Yes, it is possible to receive a diploma after graduating from home-school. Some colleges may look down on home-school diplomas, so it may be an advantage to obtain further qualifications from your local community college.

That will depend on the specific state. Some, such as Ohio and Arkansas require the high school diploma.

Getting a diploma from an on line high school is better than getting just a CED only for certain careers. Getting you diploma over the GED great! Getting a GED is just as good though, you can still have the same opportunities available to you with it.

0%. You need a GED or a high school diploma to join the US Army. So if you left school, you would still need to obtain a GED before being eligible to join the Army. No GED or HS Diploma means ineligible for military service

If you ever played for that team you need to be redshirted for the years you remain in the school. If you never played and then dropped out, you could return and play at anytime. If you play one season and then drop put, I am not sure. It is not common for an athlete for drop out and then return.

Schools may cancel graduation ceremonies at their discretion. However, you still would get the diploma you earned.

Need more info in order to answer question. "Let go" by who, the police after their investigation, or were the charges dropped later by the prosecutor? In either case, the record of your arrest and the disposition of the case will be in your record.

They used to go to public schools, and later became homeschooled. Kevin and Joe are done with it, but Nick still has to go to "school".