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If you dye your hair too much will it fall out?

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Yes it will it's not good to over dry

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What happens if you dye your hair too much?

As long as their are no chemicals (such as bleach) in your hair dye, then you can't dye your hair too much. A brand I know, that doesn't have any chemicals in the hair dye, is Manic Panic.

Does hair dye make hair fall out?

If you are dying your hair too light too frequently, It will make it fall out, but it will grow back. You still shouldn't dye your hair too frequently. It can still be damaged from unnatural chemicals. Do at your own risk.

What will happen if you dye your hair too often?

it dries out the hair which causes it to break off and fall out

How do you know if your ready to dye your hair?

When was your last dyeing your hair? Example, if you have dye your this month so it will takes 3months or more to dye your hair again because if you dye it too much your hair get damage.

Will your hair turn grey if you dye it too much?

No but it can be damaged. :)

Can you dye your hair if you are two weeks pregnant?

Yes, but be careful! Too much and you can even dye the babies hair and that will be a big problem.

Where do you get non chemical hair dye?

All hair dye has chemicals. But kool-aid can dye your hair too!

Can too much hair dye cause brain damage?


When mixing hair color what happens if you put in too much developer?

What happens if you use to much hair developer to hair dye

What happens when you burn your nails from hair dye?

Too much pain & regret

Will combing your hair too much cause it to fall out?

yes because your hair strands get weaker amd cause your hair to fall out

To all You sister's out there could you please tell me If I can put a relaxer in my hair and then dye it black all in the same day?

NO!!! Your hair will fall out!!!! Relaxers have a lot of chemicals, and so do dyes. That is too much chemicals for hair to take in one day.....

Will your hair fall out if you bleach it then dye it?

Folisin is a product for hair loss in men. To create the recipe of the food supplement, as many as 13 ingredients were used that inhibit baldness, support hair growth and have a positive effect on the condition of the scalp

Can lotion make your hair fall out?

Yes it blocks hair follicles if you put too much on it.

What happens if you flatiron your hair too much?

your hair will get a fungus and really stink.It will also fall out

If you brush your hair too much will it fall out?

no, it is impossible for all your hair to fall out if it does you obviously have an illness or you chose tohair falls out naturally and then grows back :) xx

Can you dye clip in hair extensions?

If your extensions are human hair, yes. Like your real hair, however, don't dye them too frequently because the hair will get damaged.

Where can you buy hair dye from?

a shoe shop were do u tink You can get a good range of hair dye from Boots or Superdrug. Most big supermarkets now stock hair dye too. Happy hunting !!

My hair is getting thinner im only 18 what do I do?

You probably dye it, straighten/curl, or perm it too much!!

What color should an Asian with black hair dye her hair with if she wants natural looking dark brown hair?

You can dye it brown. But not too light or too dark. And make sure you get up top where the roots are.

Is it harmful to highlight your hair with hair dye?

Yes, of course it is. The more you do it the worse it is, too.

If you bleached your hair and it came out too orange what can you do?

you get darker dye

You dyed your hair 3 days ago and you dont like it how long do you have to wait to re dye your hair?

No you do not, you can dye your hair more than once in one day. It can be damaging so I wouldn't suggest dying it too much in the period of a month. But yeah, you can re-dye your hair. Just use a good conditioner (pantene)

Is going from red hair to brown hair with highlights damage hair?

Dying you hair in anyway will damage your hair. It has nothing to do with the color of the dye. If you dye it too much your hair will get frizzy and thin, if you are planning on dying your hair often and dont want this you can get a treatment called a brazillian blow-out or get damage repair shampoo and conditioner.

Is it ok to dye your hair when it is fried?

You don't want to dye your hair when it's already damaged. Dye is harsh and stressful for hair, and people have had cases where their hair actually breaks off or falls out from stressing it too much.