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It might not be anorexia, but it may be an EDNOS, a type of eating disorder with less strict guidelines for diagnosis.

Whatever the specific diagnosis is, it is definitely an eating disorder and dangerous. Even if you are getting enough micronutrients, you are certainly not getting enough of something far more urgent: energy. Only go below 1200 if you are directed to by your doctor, because as mentioned 1200 C the minimum the average person needs to eat, just for fuel the vital processes of the body and brain if you spend the entire day at rest. If it doesn't get that, the body will start using up its stores and eating away at itself to keep the brain fueled. This can cause permanent damage to your heart, or other organs, sometimes bad enough to kill you.

Just because you only eat 600-700 calories DOES NOT make you anorexic. The only way you would be considered having an eating disorder or "anorexic" is if you eat that many calories in order to lose weight....or with these signs:

1) look in the mirror and are never satisfied with the way you look. You always think you need to lose weight. Sometimes, you can be bigger and do this, but the thing is if you lose a certain amount of weight and instead of thinking "great, go me!" you automatically think "i could lose some more..."

2) You are obsessed with calories/counting calories. whether that's not eating foods because you don't know the calories in them, or keeping food diaries so that you can keep track of every single thing you consume.

3) you are obsessed with weighing yourself. (once a week is normal or healthy. obsession is weighing every day, or more than once a day, tracking your weight and over-reacting to tiny fluctuations in weight)

4) You have a BMI of less than 18

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Q: If you eat 600-700 calories or less a day does it make you anorexic?
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How many calories should you eat to be anorexic?

You don't eat a certain amount of calories to be anorexic. You are anorexic simply because you have a wrong image of your true body image and go to extremes in order to not eat well. Don't try to became anorexic. It's not fun or cool believe me it sucks. It will not make you happier.

How do you make anorexic sims on sims 2?

You can not make a Sim anorexic.

What food do you need to eat to make you slim?

Food with less fat and less calories.

Does calorie make you less hungry if so would drinking VitaminWater or LifeWater not make you less hungry?

No and ye calories from fat and carbohydrates make you feel full not just empty sugar calories that make you hungrier.

How do calories make you fat?

If you eat more then the recommended calories then you will gain weight. If you eat less then the recommended calories then you will lose weight. So actually calories dont make you fat, what makes you fat is the amount of calories you are eating.

Does the calories get less if you add vitamins?

No. They might make the meal healthier, by adding the vitamins, but it doesn't reduce the calories.

How do you look anorexic in clothes but be healthy?

You don't. Being anorexic is not healthy, and one can not look anorexic without being anorexic, or having some other health problem. Even a lot of exercise will not actually make you look anorexic, unless you're body starts autocannibalizing itself.

Will eating less than 1000 calories a day make you gain weight?

Probably not.

How do you make an apple pie less sweet?

To make the apple pie less sweet, simply use less sugar. To reduce sugar calories, use a substitute like Splenda or Stevia.

How many calories in Skinny girl brand vodka?

Calories come from alcohol. Period. If you want to consume less calories, drink less alcohol. Are people now that stupid that they will buy "lite vodka"? To make less caloric vodka, just dilute your favorite vodka with water, but don't pay extra for someone to do it for you and make you look foolish for believing there is something special about it.

What to do to be healthy but less expense?

Make a menu chart on the basis of vitamin, protein and total calories:)

Is kaylee anorexic?

Yes, the character Kaylee from the popular TV show "Make It or Break It" was diagnosed as anorexic and received treatment to help her recover.

How do you make your sim anorexic in sims 2?

um you don't.

How many calories in one sunny side up egg?

There is a little more than 50 calories in an egg. eggs are nutrient dense. To make them have even less calories, you could take out the yolks.

Can cows be anorexic?

Answer: hahha, animals can not be anorexic, they don't have the brain humans have to send them negative signals that make them stop eating. animals will eat if they can, but anorexia does not exist. if a cow looks anorexic it's because he doesn't get fed enough, its sick, or it can't find food, but definitely not anorexic.

How much weight daily can you lose eating 1000 calories a day?

This question does not make sense. It all depends on how many calories you are easting now. For ever 3,500 calories less you eat, you will loss a pound

How many calories in one tablespoon of normal fat milk?

Its less than a couple of calories, you cant really say the correct answer because different companies make it different. :)

Do onions make you gain weight?

No there is no evidence suggesting that. They have very less calories, so gaining weight is unlikely.

Does becoming anorexic make you lose belly fat?

Becoming anorexic makes you malnurished and paranoid because you are trying to keep the fact that you are anorexic a secret. Being anorexic also leads to many deaths and mental illnesses every day, but back to your originally question yes it does help you loose belly fat.

How do you make your fat hamster skinny again?

Obesity in animals works the same way that it does in people (I am assuming that your hamster actually is fat, and that you have not misdiagnosed it on the basis of either some kind of projective anorexia, or pregnancy). If calories eaten exceed calories burned, weight increases. If calories eaten are less than calories burned, weight decreases. If you feed your hamster less it will be eating less calories. I don't know if it has an exercise wheel, but running on the exercise wheel is a way that hamsters burn calories. They cannot be trained to lift barbells.

Why does being anorexic make you ill?

Being anorexic means that the body is not receiving enough of the nutrients it needs to survive. It is also under a lot of stress from over-exercising.

How many calories in a grilled chicken wrap?

It depends weither you make it yourself of buy one from a fast food place I made my own for less than 200 calories each.

What are the bad things about being anorexic?

When you become anorexic, many people will try to stuff food down your throat, so they can make you feel uncomfortable. Also, once I was anorexic for a month, I was dizzy, everything was so bright, and I almost collapsed. Lastly, being anorexic may lead to bulimia which causes even more problems...

Can candy make you gain weight?

Yes. Just about anything can make you gain weight, if you consume more calories than you burn.Candy contains "empty calories," which make you feel less hungry without providing any useful nourishment. Feeling less hungry often translates into eating less of what is good for you (healthy foods). See also:Eating healthily

Is diet soda healthier for you than regular soda?

Yes, it has less calories! plus it has less sugar but even though it has more aspartame it wont make up for it!!