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I'm pretty sure it will slow down. I've experimented a little bit myself and noticed that you do start feeling fatigued and sleepy and irritably hungry if you eat below 1000 a day. Your heart beat slows itself down and such. I'd keep the calories to 1200.

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Q: If you eat below 1000 calories per day does your metabolism slow down or will it stay raised if you also do exercise and therefore result in weight loss?
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How many calories are in a raised donut?

There are about 230 calories in a raised donut.

When your pulse rate is high after exercise does that mean you lose calories?

Your heart rate will raise if you move off the sofa so would really need to know how high and for how long the heart rate is raised. I think you mean burn calories

Build Muscle to Lose Weight?

Dieting is fine if you have a lot of weight to lose. But if you are nearing your goal, the pounds do not come off as easily. Also, if you are in a hurry to lose weight, just dieting alone will probably not get you to your desired weight as quickly as you would like. Fortunately, there is a solution: muscle building. There are at least three reasons why building muscle will help you lose weight, and lose it more quickly than just dieting.Building Muscle Burns CaloriesExercise burns calories, which, of course, is the name of the game in many weight loss programs. As you exercise, you are expending calories to provide the workout. The amount of calories burned depends on how overweight you are, how hard you are working, and how long you work. If you have more weight to lose, you burn more energy moving that weight around. If you are working hard and for a long period of time, you will also burn more calories than if you are just sitting around.Exercise Pumps Up the MetabolismThere is an added benefit to exercise, especially if it is a cardio exercise: It keeps burning calories even after the exercise is completed. This is because it raises the metabolism for several hours after the exercise. The amounts vary by individuals, but consider this: If it raised your metabolism by 20 percent for several hours, you would be burning 20 percent more calories per hour just for sitting on the couch. That really adds up over several days and causes greater weight loss.Muscles Burn More Calories than FatThe medical community is telling people that muscles burn more calories than fat. That means as you lose fat and gain muscle, you are going to lose even more fat by default. No extra work is required, it just happens.When you put these things together, it becomes obvious that it pays to build muscle to lose weight, especially if you want to speed up the process. Burning calories by doing the exercise, by speeding up the metabolism, and by having more muscle than fat all adds up to looking great and losing weight.

How does exercise affect a man physically?

The exact affects will be determined by the type of exercise done. Exercise in general will make the body try and adapt to an increased amount of activity in order to become more efficiant at this activity. Metabolic rate is raised which means after a few weeks of exercise more calories are burned even during rest. Intense exercise may cause a raise in testosterone and other hormones.

How might your metabolism be raised?

Eat more often with little portions will normally do the trick. But did you know that there are actually FAT BURNING FOODS that will burn fat and raise your metabolism.

What food makes you fat?

Short answer: if a person absorbs more calories than are used up during any one day, the body stores them, and these can be converted into fat. Somone who works at a desk typically needs less calories than a person who does construction work; assuming no exercise at a gym, if both eat 6,000 calories per day the desk worker will retain more than the construction worker. Foods that are high in refined sugar or saturated fat are likely to put a person over the daily limit quite quickly as it takes the body time to break them down. Having said this, metabolism must be taken into account; whilst it can be raised due to regular exercise, some people appear to have a naturally high metabolic rate and thus remain slim even though they are sedentary and consume a significant amount of calories.

What cellular event is being altered in cardiac tissue when temperature is raised or lowered?

When the temperature is raised, ensymic actibvity and metabolism increases. The opposite occurs when temperature is lowered.

Issues raised following an exercise and their recommended resolutions are documented in the?

After-action report

Do you know the Name the exercise in which body is raised and lowered by arms only?

Push up?

What is 237 raised to the first power?

Any number raised to the first power is equal to that number itself. Therefore, 2371 = 237.

How many calories does being angry burn?

The same amount as if you were happy.... Emotional state doesn't increase the amount of calories burned. Unless your body temperature gets raised when you're angry, then you will burn no extra calories.

How many calories are burned swimming one mile?

The number of calories burned is difficult to predict. There are many variables. It depends on such things as your body weight, how fast you are swimming, what swimming stoke you use, the amount of effort required from you, how far you swim, and how often you rest.I believe no other exercise beats swimming. I read you can burn 800 calories or more.It also depends on your size, speed of the strokes, temperature of the water (the colder the water the more heat your metabolism has to generate heat to keep you comfortable). Calories are units of heat, and lets not forget the amount of kick off the wall when u return the harder you kick the less calories burned.If you do as I do and swim two hours non stop daily, then length of time also comes into play. You burn more calories if you swimming 2 hours. Its also great because you don't get clammy and sweaty though you do sweat you just don't feel it. After I finish the swim I feel like a million dollars. A great feeling at 59 years old.After you finish your swimming regimen, your metabolism is raised and spending 3 times the calories for a couple of hours and it slows to 2 times the calories next 2 hours and then it returns to normal. If you add all the calories used in swimming u can see over a thousand calories expenditure and it is because your nervous system is in high gear.For more examples, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions..

How has science raised moral issues?

The cloning of human body has raised moral issues. Therefore, almost all countries are not in favor of preparing human clones.

Where does a horse exercise?

The horse runs on a farm that it is raised at. The horse runs for about 20-30 minutes. Then the horse is ready to go!

What is 4 to the zero?

Any number raised to the power zero is 1. Therefore, 40 = 1.

Can you lose weight by swimming?

AnswerKinda-sorta.The main driver behind weight loss and weight gain is calories eaten vs calories used up.If you eat more calories than you use, you will gain weight.If you eat less than you use, you will lose weight.I'm not saying it is easy, but it is that simple.Now, all physical activities that gets your heart rate up above your resting level will make you burn more calories, so according to that, swimming will "help".Also, the more muscle you get, the more calories you can burn in a given amount of time, which will "help" too.Trouble is, it only helps a little bit.First of all, you need to be fairly good at swimming before it'll give much of a sustained raised heart rate, so you're not burning that many extra calories at the start.Secondly, calories are so much faster to eat than to burn that even if you do high-intensity cardio, you just can't exercise hard enough and long enough to burn off enough calories to lose weight through exercise alone.Any serious attempt at weight loss has to start with a change of eating habits. A lifestyle change really.A single cupcake can take one hour of mid/high intensity exercise to burn off, and then you're just back to zero for that day. To actually lose anything, you'd need to keep going.Yes, swimming is an excellent exercise.Remember, you lose weight by using more calories than you eat.Certainly! Any sort of aerobic exercise will burn calories and increase the metabolic burn rate of the body. Combined with a sensible diet, regular exercise is the best way to lose weight. And swimming is an excellent exercise, burning many calories and it is very difficult to hurt yourself while doing it.Swimming can help you lose weight, but you have to have a routine. A routine is where everyday you go and swim for maybe an hour and then stop. Do this everyday for two weeks and you most likely will see an improvement. But remember: be patient, it may take some time. Try this and see if it works. I wish you the best of luck!

What raises blood pressure?

blood pressure may be raised by factors such as lack of exercise along with excess intake of cholesterol from foods.

In an exothermic reaction the temperature of a 100 gram water bath is raised 5 centigrade degrees how many calories does the water absorb?


What is responsible for increasing the heart rate during exercise?

sympathetic nervous system increases the heart rate in response to raised activity levels

How do they calculate how many calories something has in it like for example how did they find out how many calories are in sugar or something like that?

the way that they find calories is by setting the object a flame and however many degrees celcius it raises 1 cubic centiliter of water, is the amount of calories. for instance if we burned a marshmallow under 3 centiliters of water and it raised 600 degrees, then u would divide by how many centiliters there were and so the calories would be 200.

How many calories in a tablespoon of cornflour?

Regular corn flour has 33.61 calories per tablespoon in theory. As an agricultural product, it will vary according to the variety of corn, weather, and the soil ir was raised in, etc.Masa is sometimes called corn flour, but actually, it's different, It has about 26 calories per tablespoon.

Does raised body temperature increase your metabolism?

Yes. Increase in body temperature increase your basal metabolic rate. This hold true for rise in temperature for few degree Celsius only.

What is one million raised to the 0th power?

Any number raised by the 0th power is equal to 1. This can be proved by the laws of exponents, which state that nx / nx = 1, therefore, nx-x = 1.

What causes raised blood pressure?

Eating fatty foods Being over weight Lack of exercise Being stressed Age Being pregnant

If 405.0 ml of water had its temperature raised by 17.2 degrees celsius how many calories would have been put into the water?

I don't think you actually put calories into the water. You would dissipate thermal energy that could be measured in kCal or calories to heat the water. You may be thinking of the stored thermal energy from the heated water.