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All calories can be fat if the energy is not used.

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What can calories do?

calories are energy. food contains calories, so when you eat food, the calories within the food power your body.

What is energy stored in food you eat called?

An energy stored in food you eat called pig cow and dogs

How can a person have food to eat but still be malnourished?

Lack of nutrients ("empty calories") in the food. And there are many deficiencies, even in America.

Is it okay for my 14 year old daughter to eat 1500 calories?

No. She is still growing and needs to eat more than 1500 calories and not junk food, but fruit and vegetables.

How do you get energy from the food you eat?


What to eat on a 1200 calories?


What kind of energy is stored in the bonds in compounds of the food you eat?

chemical energy is stored in the bonds in compounds of the food you eat. CHICKEN RULES!

Where can I learn about the calories in the food I eat?

We can know the calories we eat by looking at the labels of the food we usually buy from the groceries.There are so many websites that you can click for you to print the list of food calories you need online.

Is it better to eat too few calories from healthy food or enough calories from unhealthy food?

eat more calories from healthy foods. Calories from unhealthy foods will stop u from losing weight.

Can eating grilled chicken breast and fish help lose weight?

It depends on how much you eat. Loosing weight is about balancing the calories in and the calories out. If you eat more calories than you use up then you are going to put on weight. For example if you eat 1500 calories a day but only use 1000 calories a day then the surplus 500 calories will be stored in your body = fat. Of course good cooking methods and healthy food helps.

How can people be different in size even if they are the same age and eat about the same amount of food?

Some people have a high metabolism which makes their bodies eat away calories fast and some people have a low metabolism which makes their bodies eat calories not as fast . too many calories = stored up fat = larger person.

Where does fat come from?

erm, it comes from the food we eat, it's from the calories in the food and beverages we eat.

What do nerve cells eat?

nerve cells eat stored food (nutriance from the food that has entered your mouth).

Where are excess calories stored?

Excess calories are stored in the body as fat. This is why it's bad to eat to many calories. Generally, 1500-2000 calories are all one needs to survive and not gain weight. This can change depending on height, weight, and muscle mass of course.

How many calories will you lose if you eat carrots?

All food has calories. Therefore, carrots equal calories. You don't lose calories when you eat carrots or any other foods.

Where are calories stored in the body?

If you eat too many calories, instead of using them for energy your body stores the energy as fat to use at a later time. It is stored in your liver, muscles and fat cells.

Why does fast food have calories?

Because everything we eat or drink, except for water, has calories.

Where do you get fats from?

The food we eat. Some of the food items like cheese, butter, oils etc have a lot of fat in them. So, when we consume them, it would get stored in the body as fat. Apart from this, if you consume excess calories, the body usually converts these excessive calories into fat and stores them as well.

What type of energy is stored in the food we eat?

Food contains chemical energy.

If you exercise and eat greasy food can you still lose weight?

Yes if exercising > calories in greasy food.All weight loss is a simply calorie vs. burn.

How does your body get energy from food?

Food (and drinks) besides water all contain what are known as Calories. A calorie, by definition, is the amount of energy it take to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius. When we eat foods, our body digests and breaks them down. The calories are stored in our body. The liver is a big part of this storing-and-using-calories process. When the body needs energy (from anything crucial to living like blinking and breathing to extra tasks like sports or walking up a flight of stairs), our body uses these calories to turn into energy. Excess calories are stored in the body to be used at a later time. Sucha a time would also be while sleeping, when the body still needs some energy to function despite no food or drink intake for a long period of time. Large amounts of excess calories are stored as fat in the body (3,500 extra calories equal one solid pound of fat).

How do you lose calories?

You can lose calories by eating only healthy foods, excersing about 3 hours a day and bein nice 2 ur friendseat food with less calories and eat healthier food, excersise:)

How many calories do you eat each day on the Atkins diet?

That depends on the food eaten, each food has different calories content

Is a food calorie the same as an exercised calorie?

Yes, the calories you eat are the same calories that you burn.

When you eat something you are taking in what and energy?

you are taking in calories. how many calories your taking in depends on the food.