If you eat most meals with your parents what are ways to hide not eating?


It is bad for your health not to eat. Eat small but don't hurt your body. when you get older you will regret it.


Because most parents notice when their children don't eat their meals, you should not try to hide anything. If you are trying to starve yourself, you should know that it will not help your body. You will only be hurting yourself and causing trauma (possibly permanant) to your body. Terry Shiavo (use Google if you don't know who she is) had an eating disorder which put her in a coma. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for your body to break down when it is deprived of food.

Proper maintenance of your body will help you function at your highest mental and physical level. You can compare yourself to a car; what will happen if you don't do oil changes when you are suppose to or take care of it? The car will get old quickly or break down. The same is true for your body, eventually the abuse will catch up to you and you will realize that you have shaved 20 years off of your life. Take a quiz at www.realage.com to see how old you are according to your habits.

Too many people think it is easier to starve, use fad diets, or take a magic pill in order to lose weight. The best way is the old fashioned way: Exercise and eat better foods! It doesn't mean you need to give anything up, just limit your sweets/fats and add more good things to your diet. If you don't know what the good things are, then look at the food pyramid.