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It is bad for your health not to eat. Eat small but don't hurt your body. when you get older you will regret it.


Because most parents notice when their children don't eat their meals, you should not try to hide anything. If you are trying to starve yourself, you should know that it will not help your body. You will only be hurting yourself and causing trauma (possibly permanant) to your body. Terry Shiavo (use Google if you don't know who she is) had an eating disorder which put her in a coma. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for your body to break down when it is deprived of food.

Proper maintenance of your body will help you function at your highest mental and physical level. You can compare yourself to a car; what will happen if you don't do oil changes when you are suppose to or take care of it? The car will get old quickly or break down. The same is true for your body, eventually the abuse will catch up to you and you will realize that you have shaved 20 years off of your life. Take a quiz at to see how old you are according to your habits.

Too many people think it is easier to starve, use fad diets, or take a magic pill in order to lose weight. The best way is the old fashioned way: Exercise and eat better foods! It doesn't mean you need to give anything up, just limit your sweets/fats and add more good things to your diet. If you don't know what the good things are, then look at the food pyramid.


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That type of information is difficult, if not impossible, to determine. Most meals are eaten at home by the families. Eating out is still an exception rather than the rule.

Postoperative gastric bypass meals must be less, smaller, and more frequent than the larger, heavier, spaced out meals that patients were eating before. Most of the time, patients were used to eating heavy huge meals one or two times a day, but this has to change to eating smaller meals at more frequent intervals. Eating too few calories can interfere with metabolism so patients must learn to eat breakfast and then eat four or five smaller meals a day after that. This new dietary change might cause behavioral changes, but they work out to help the patient change his lifestyle. Doctors suggest this is a good regimen.

Abdominal pain shortly after eating is the most common presenting symptom. Especially fatty meals.

No, peanut butter is good for you. It is high in Protein and most people do not get enough protein in there meals everyday.

Not that many, because eventually you will have to do something with that food. They would only hide it if they are in public. But they could not spit it out in public, and since they have an eating disorder they aren't likely willing to swallow all that food, either. Instead, most people with eating disorders tend to hide food in their lap, napkin, "accidentally" drop it or so something with it so that it can no longer be eaten.

When eating out, a choice of courses or delicacies can be guided by a restaurant menu. Most menus will organize their meals according to cuisines.

No, actually the wives of the family spend most of the day cooking big meals. They consider eating a sacrifice.

well my favorite place to hide stuff from my parents is a bit complicated. u need tape and the item u want to hide. take a dresser drawer out of your dresser and put tape across the item and stick it to the back of the drawer. then reinsert the drawer into the dresser. that is the most hidden way i know.

Beacause eating dinner for most kids is as bad as it gets so going to the toilet is a way to get out of it.

I would have missed my all my playing and and would be eating spoiled meals like anne frank>

Most will be awake, eating, working, preparing meals and doing the normal things human beings do and will usually join in collective worship about once a week.

what are jamaicans meals consist of?

It depends on the case weather or not if affects the parents and how much it affects them. In most cases though I'd say the person with the disorder suffers far more.

No, you lose pounds, but most of it is water weight and muscle, starving does allow you to lose weight, but you metabolism slows down to adjust for the lack of food your eating, so now if you eat a big meal, your metabolism has slowed down and it will now take longer to burn the calories from the meal you just ate because your metabolism got slowed down, so, in the long run, not eating can and does make you get fatter because you slowed down your metabolism by not eating, take all 3 meals you normally eat and divide the same 3 meals into 6 smaller meals and you will actually speed up your metabolism eating the same 3 meals all through out the day, smaller portions several times a day speeds up metabolism and is easier to digest smaller meals than a big meal all at one sitting.

If you're trying to hide it from a sniffer dog, there's nothing you can do to really hide it, and coffee especially won't do a thing. But if you mean from parents or something, then I'd say yeah, most likely. I don't think we're allowed to talk about these illegal things.

Eating full meals every three hours will make you gain weight normally. If you eat small portions and get the amount of nutrients you need and exercise then you'll most likely lose weight.

Some of the most discussed problems with gastric bypass surgery are the pain and discomfort after waking up and then the pains felt after eating the first few meals.

A good, balanced diet is the best way to go for teen athletes. The main difference between an athlete's diet and a "normal" person's diet is that athletes get the most benefit from their food by eating smaller meals more often. Rather than eating "three square meals", try 6 half-size meals throughout the day. This will help keep your metabolism high, and keep your body in nutrient-absorption-mode.

Most people eat about three meals a day but I would say eight or nine meals a day

If you have meals with all the family assembled, you parents are bound to notice your eating habits. Even if not, they will probably notice your change of habit. Do you need to diet? Most teenagers who think they need to diet don't actually need to do so. Don't overdo the dieting, you could fade away altogether.

Lithuanians are mostly Catholic/Christian so we believe in not eating meat on Christmas Eve. So we eat 12 meals, & most of them are made with fish.

People with eating disorders, especially anorexia, tend to be depressed or isolated. It can be very hard for them to trust others, and most try to hide their eating disroder or hide their strange habits with food. Being open and social means that there are more people to watch and potentially "find them out", and it also can make it awkward if they are not socially active.

Weight loss meals are a key form of nutrition while bodybuilding. To find the most flavorful and most satisfying meals consult a registered and listed nutritionals with a background in bodybuilding.

This is one of the most common question asked by dieters but not having proper meals is a bad idea. It will only leads to sickness.

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