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NO - unless the fall causes serious injury to you. This is especially true in early pregnancy. It is worth a mention to your Dr. nonetheless. If you start spotting or have any cramping (that you previously did not), you should contact your Dr. immediately. Yes. any kind of injury to the abdomen can cause miscarriage if severe enough. If you begin spotting or have any pain at all, call your Doctor immediately. It would probably be wise to inform your Doctor anyway. If you have not yet established with a Doctor, the sooner the better. It is highly unlikely you would do any harm as the uterus is still in the pelvis and therefore extremely well protected. Any pain or spotting is unlikely to be allied to the fall. there is not a lot the doctor can do about it anyway, it is a bit the case that 'what will be, will be' at this stage. Even later in pregnancy a fall is more likely to hurt you than the baby. It is possible yes but the baby is usually protected by the amniotic sac and this is very strong and protective towards the baby. But see your doctor to get checked over.

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Q: If you fall had on your stomach can it cause a miscarriage at 8 weeks?
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Could a fall on your stomach cause a miscarriage?

Uh YES. If you fall on your stomach, you need to see your doctor or go to the emergency room immediately so that they can make sure the baby is okay.

Can a fall at 12 weeks cause a miscarriage?

It would be very high and hard fall where you got hurt a lot because that fetus is very well protected inside if you. And even then it might be nothing.

Can bumping your stomach cause the embryo's to fall out?

I don't think so. The uterus has a pretty good grasp on your baby. If the baby was almost ready to pop out, it still wouldn't fall out of the stomach. But a bump may hurt the baby's growth developement and may cause a miscarriage. Remember I said MAY not WILL. :0)

How long can it take to fall pregnant after a miscarriage?

ow long can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage ow long can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage

Can your cervix cause a miscarriage?

Yes, if it is not tight enough due to injury the pregnancy can fall out.

Can skiing cause a miscarriage?

If you fall really bad I guess you could have a miscarriage and the doctors tell you to avoid all sports where you can fall on your belly when pregnant but in the beginning of the pregnancy there should be no danger and especially if you don't go down the slopes. Exercise is good for you.

Can falling while pregnant can cause miscarriage?

Yes in some cases. No in some cases. It depends on the severity of a fall, and its affects on the womb.

What will happen if you are pregnant and play sports?

well, miscarriage is always a possibility if you get hit in the stomach or fall. go see a doctor, they'll tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing.

If I'm in the 1st trimester of my pregnancy and some weights fall on my stomach can it cause a miscarriage?

Most likely not and to cause that it would have to be so heavy you would be injured and end up in a hospital.If you are pregnant and something happened you need to see a doctor if everything is ok. If you are thinking this is a way to abort you also need to see a doctor.

How quickly do beta-hcg levels drop after miscarriage?

It depends how far along you were. The higher thelevel to start with the longer it takes to fall back. From a few days to a few weeks. This is a very good miscarriage site.

Will epilespy make you have a miscarriage?

Often one may go into epileptic shock and have a seizure. During this seizure, it's possible to fall, or in other ways hurt yourself. This type of miscarriage, however, is purely physical. Other than direct trauma to the womb, epilepsy should never cause miscarriage.

How bad is falling down the stairs at 34 weeks pregnant?

Depends on how bad the fall is, and how many stairs the fall was. If you experience stomach pains, and less baby movement, contact your doctor immediately.

If you've heard the heartbeat at 11 weeks and everything was fine what are the odds of miscarriage?

You should really ask your doctor about this. The doctor would be able to tell you because they know your past pregnancies or misscarriages (if any) as well as how healthy you and the baby are right now. Don't worry. Good luck and God Bless:) After 8 weeks pregnant the chances of a miscarriage fall considerably.

Can you be on your period and have a miscarrige?

No, you can't be on your period and have a miscarriage at the same time. Menstruation only occurs when you do not fall pregnant, whereas miscarriage is a result of a pregnancy failing.

Can you sue your employer for cause of miscarriage due to under staffed heavy lifting and a fall?

If you suffer an injury at work, you get workers comp benefits and can never sue the employer for more. Never.

Is it possible for your stomach to fall out of your butt?


Can penguins fall on their stomach or back?


Can you slip in the shower and have a miscarriage at 25weeks pregnant?

This depends on how hard you fall. A miscarriage can happen anytime during the pregnancy but the most dangerous time is during the first 3 months.

How fritile are you after a miscarriage?

It all depends in what caused the miscarriage - a fall or a car accident? Probably no problems with future pregnancies. An abnormality of the uterus or fibroids tumors? Definitively will have a negative effect.

How can a miscarriage be caused?

you can miss carry when you fall on the stomach.or when the unbelicord deatches from the the mother to the baby.sometime's they can't handle stuff like species or if the baby is sick and can't take it on what it has.that's how you can have a miscarriageCommon Miscarriage Myths by Pattie Hughes"Sex causes miscarriage."Sex alone does not cause miscarriage. The baby is very well cushioned inside your body and will not be hurt by sex. In some cases, you may be told to avoid sex. This happens if there is already a problem with the pregnancy. Sex will not cause a problem, unless a complication already exists."Too much exercise can cause miscarriage."Many women avoid exercise during pregnancy out of fear the baby may be harmed. Exercise is actually very good for you and the baby. You should always ask your doctor about your particular routine and follow some safety rules, such as staying hydrated and not overdoing it. Again, if there are complications, you may be told to take it easy. But unless the pregnancy is already threatened, there is no harm in exercise."My negative thoughts caused the miscarriage."This is a very common misconception among women who have lost a baby. If the pregnancy was unplanned or you didn't feel ready for a baby, you may blame yourself if something goes wrong. Not being happy about finding out you were pregnant will not cause a miscarriage. Guilt feelings later are not productive and only cause needless suffering."Stress will cause a miscarriage."Stress doesn't cause miscarriages. Women often deal with stress during pregnancy. Even major stress, such as a death in the family or unemployment will not cause a miscarriage. Major trauma may contribute to preterm labor later in the pregnancy, but will not cause an early miscarriage. Typical stress or even major stress will not cause you to lose the baby."I didn't get enough nutrition."Poor nutrition in early pregnancy will not cause a miscarriage. Before you know you are pregnant, the baby has very little nutritional needs. If your diet isn't the best, it will not cause a miscarriage. The baby takes what it needs from your body. Your nutrition will suffer, not the baby's."I picked up my toddler too much."Lifting your children won't cause a miscarriage. Use care when lifting your other little ones to save your own back, not out of fear of harming the baby. Squat and use your leg muscles to lift. Even improper lifting won't hurt the baby.

How soon after a miscarriage will a pregnancy test be negative?

You can fall pregnant just 1 month after a mscarriage

Can a baby fall out during a miscarriage?

yes i had a miscarriage at 6weeks pregnant and when i used the bathroom one morning my baby fell out :( then my period started i had major pain before that baby fell out.

Can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage without having your next period?

Oh yes, you can get pregnant right away after.

Can miscarriage happen at 14 wks during falling?

For that to happen to a healthy pregnancy it had to be a really bad fall and the miscarriage would not likely be the only injury. The fetus is very well protected in the uterus.

Is there danger in falling down during pregnancy?

Yes, you want to be careful when you are pregnant not to fall down or cause shocks to your stomach (hitting it pretty hard off anything.)