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That sounds like either sinus pain and pressure or possibly an abcessed tooth. Do you have other signs of an abcess? Do you have the bubbled up gum tissue, etc.? Obviously, your best bet is to go see your doctor and dentist. Hope you find an answer. God bless, Cathy

Yes, this can indicate an abcessed tooth: This pain under the eye happened to me, and I thought I had a sinus infection My tooth did not hurt; I could chew with it and press on it without it hurting. The pain under the eye was bad enough that I stayed home from work one day and planned to go to the doctor. But by the time I was going to call for an appointment, the pain was subsiding. A few days later I had a large puffiness in my gum below where the pain under the eye was. This was also sore (but not as bad); however, the swelling went down. No more pain at all. About a month later I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning and checkup. Since I still feel a slight soreness when pressing under my eye, I had an x-ray taken. The dentist said I had an abcessed tooth. He has referred me to another dentisit for a root canal.

Whats the process of a root canal? What is the price range for one? I have an abscessed tooth and it hurts my eye worse than the tooth pain.

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How do i know if i hane an abscessed tooth?

If there is redness around the tooth and or swelling.

What causes throbbing?

Throbbing is caused by blood flow, usually it's caused by how much pressure or how much blood is being pumped through that particular spot, where the throbbing occurred. Stress can cause throbbing or when you're around loud music, your head sometimes can't handle that much intensity so it starts throbbing and it gives you real bad headaches. Rest usually is a cure for throbbing. If the throbbing usually is causing pain, it is due to inflammation. (: hope this answer satisfies you (: (: (: (:!

What does tingling in the right leg mean?

what does tingling in the top of the right leg mean and red viens running around the top

What does tingling around your head?

Tingling around your head can mean anything. It may be a skin condition. It could an inflammatory reaction, or it could be a nerve or brain problem. There is no way to know without seeing a physician.

Numbness and Tingling under breast and left back shoulder?

numbness and tingling under breast and left back shoulder and its very Itch around those areas.

What are some symptoms of respiratory alkalosis?

dizziness, light headedness, agitation, and tingling or numbing around the mouth and in the fingers and hands.

How you know if your cold sores are acting up?

Usually you would get symptoms like itching, burning and or tingling symptoms occuring around your lips.

How do you predict a flood when it happens?

Just feel around your elbows, and if there's a tingling sensation, you know you better run, 'dem floods are a' comin!

What are the beginning stages of herpes?

Most people experience symptoms like itching, burning and or tingling symptoms (around the site of infection) when a break out is about to occur.

What are the clinical manifestation of sinusitis?

You have a history of runny nose. You purulent nasal discharge. You have throbbing headache around your eyes. You have tenderness on frontal or maxillary sinus area, unilateral or bilateral.

What are some allergic reactions to raspberries?

My daughter gets a rash around her mouth and a TERRIBLE diaper rash.

What causes soap taste in mouth and a tingling sensation around mouth and nose?

I just read that this can be due to sodium flouride poisining. Just read it on ehow.com

What can low blood calcium lead to?

Many people don’t have any symptoms when their calcium levels are low.Symptoms of hypocalcaemia include: painful muscle spasm and cramps, twitching of muscles, numbness or tingling in feet and hands or numbness or tingling around the mouth,

What should you do for Red Nose day?

try and raise as much money as you can as there are people around the world in terrible conditions

Did Brian Warner actually take out a rib?

No, this was a terrible rumor that was spreading around, he concluded in one of his books that this was FALSE.

What is the first sign of a infected ear piercing?

The first signs would be a combination of swelling, redness and possible smelly discharge around the piercing as well as pain or a throbbing sensation in the ear lobe.

Is it common to have a Tingling burning tongue after wisdom teeth extraction?

Yes. Because wisdom teeth extractions are performed around nerves that affect the jaw and tongue, it's not unusual to loose ALL sensation to parts of the lip, tongue, or chin. A tingling sensation indicates less damage than no sensation at all. The sensation generally returns to normal after a short time, but there are instances when the numbed or tingling sensation continues for a year or two. There are even unusual cases where the nerve damage is permanant.

What problems occur when hemoglobin levels are low?

No energy, hard to think, fever, terrible, terrible headache. Source: My experience, I went into the hospital with a hemoglobin level of 4.5. Doctors couldn't believe I was still conscious and walking around.

What do it mean when your hands and feet tingling?

That it was in a position that in a way that there is less blood than regular. By walking around for a minute or two, it should clear up. If it continues, contact a doctor.

Why start smoking?

Its Bad for you i recommend not start smoking. It makes you look terrible and it hurts everyone around you more then it does to yourself.

What is people's opinions about Holocaust?

the holocaust was a terrible thing that took place in many countries around the globe. but mostly in Germany.

Can you remove fire code from the Sims 3 on 360?

Nope there doesn't seem to be any way around it. Terrible I know.

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The "terrible twos" refers to the stage children are in around the age of two. They have found greater independence and seek to display this. Take advantage by giving your toddler more tasks to do that he/she can successfully accomplish.

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