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That sounds like either sinus pain and pressure or possibly an abcessed tooth. Do you have other signs of an abcess? Do you have the bubbled up gum tissue, etc.? Obviously, your best bet is to go see your doctor and dentist. Hope you find an answer. God bless, Cathy

Yes, this can indicate an abcessed tooth: This pain under the eye happened to me, and I thought I had a sinus infection My tooth did not hurt; I could chew with it and press on it without it hurting. The pain under the eye was bad enough that I stayed home from work one day and planned to go to the doctor. But by the time I was going to call for an appointment, the pain was subsiding. A few days later I had a large puffiness in my gum below where the pain under the eye was. This was also sore (but not as bad); however, the swelling went down. No more pain at all. About a month later I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning and checkup. Since I still feel a slight soreness when pressing under my eye, I had an x-ray taken. The dentist said I had an abcessed tooth. He has referred me to another dentisit for a root canal.

Whats the process of a root canal? What is the price range for one? I have an abscessed tooth and it hurts my eye worse than the tooth pain.

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Q: If you feel a terrible throbbing under and around your right eye tingling so bad you can't work or drive could you have an abscessed tooth?
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