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NO worse than the B/K and you get to pay any balance owed. What great service from your friendly B/K attorney did you get for the money you payed? good Luck

2015-07-15 19:32:25
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You just filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy today and woke up to a tow truck repossessing your leased vehicle is there any way to get it back and do you have to catch up on payments first?

Yes and yes

If you have filed bankruptcy and you break your lease do you still have to pay?

You should have told the court and the trustee in the chapter 7 documents what your intentions were with respect to the lease. If you were terminating the lease, you must return the leased property to the creditor.

Can a bankruptcy trustee sell assets not owned but being used or leased at the time of filing?


If you are including a leased vehicle in a bankruptcy and need a vehicle that you can afford payments on will you have a tough time getting a loan?

There are some creditors that offer car loans to those who' ve filed bankruptcy.

Will you lose your car in NY after filing chapter 7?

If a car is leased, you can keep it as long as you are paying it on time.

What is the homophone for leased?


Homestead exemption for bankruptcy in Illinois?

Under Illinois Bankruptcy laws, the homestead exemption includes farm lot & buildings, condominiums, personal property or cooperative. These homes can be owned or leased. They can be up to $15,000, including the proceeds of sale for one year.

What are the features of reports compiled by general mercantile agencies?

General reports are leased by subscribers on a quarterly basis and contain capital ratings, based on financial statements, and credit ratings, denoting the grade of credit.

How does the primary borrowers credit get affected if the co-signer pays the entire the loan on a leased car?

It should have a good effect if its on time.

Are there any legal issues if your bankruptcy that included your leased auto has been discharged and you fell behind on on auto payments?

You need to ask this of your B/K attorney for state specific advice.

If you leased expensive equipment for your business in your business name would it effect your personal credit file?

It shouldn't unless business and personal funds were commingled or a personal credit card was used when making business transactions.

Who's credit rating is affected if a vehicle that was leased with a cosigner is reposessed?

Both parties social securities #'s are sent to collections for the amount due.

What is leased line?

must read:

If you have two years left on a leased vehicle but you can no longer afford the payments can you return the car to the dealer?

You will have to pay any balance due after the car is sold and then it ruins your credit.

How do you get rid of a financed car and or leased car?

Get someone to take over payments, via an ad in the paper. Trade it in, or give it back to the bank, and take the hit on your credit.

What is the difference between telephone and leased line?

diffrent between telephone lines & leased lines

What kind of reports do general agencies provide?

General agencies furnish general and special reports. General reports are leased by subscribers on a quarterly basis and contain information on capital (based on financial statements), and credit, denoting the grade of credit ratings

How are single-tenant net leased assets valued?

Unlike traditional real estate investments whose valued is determined exclusively by the real estate itself, a single-tenant, net-leased property's value is determined by a combination of factors including the tenant's credit, the length of the lease and rental escalations over the term, and, last but not least, the real estate. In markets where the real estate experiences wide valuation swings, a single-tenant, net-leased property will maintain its value because of its bond-like, long-term lease and the credit tenant guaranty for the lease.

What are the benefits of investing in single tenant net leased properties?

Many people consider single-tenant, net-leased properties as bond-like investments because of their stable, predictable returns. Because tenants commit to long-term leases, there's very little re-leasing risk. Moreover, single-tenant, net-leased investments can be tailored to an investor's risk-reward expectations by choosing tenants with different credit profiles. For example, some tenants are rated by national credit ratings agencies while other tenants have only their previous financial performance to recommend them.

What is a homophone for leased?

Answer: Homophones are words that sound alike, but mean different things. Therefore, a homophone for LEASED (he LEASED the apartment for a year) would be LEAST (he will live there at LEAST a year).leapt

How long is the lease on a BMW?

The length of the lease of any vehicle depends on your choice, and your credit score, as well as where you are leasing it from. Typically BMW seem to be leased out on 27 or 34 month periods.

What is the homophone for least?


What is Homophone for least?


What is iplc?

IPLC stands for international private leased circuit IPLC stands for international private leased circuit

Can your income tax returns be garnished because of a car loan debt?

Yes - my husband had a past debt to Ford Motor Credit for over mileage on a leased vehicle and they garnished our State Return.