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2006-08-24 12:16:38
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Q: If you filed the divorce in the county where you do not live and they sent to the right county that's means the process will start all over again?
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Who is Happier after divorce?

Answer Sometimes neither party is really happy then again it depends on who filed for the divorce and why they filed for divorce.

If your spouse moves out of state how can you find out if they have filed for divorce?

Answeryou can call the courthouse in the state and county you were married in, they can tell you if your spouse filed for divorce.

What if you don't know the courthouse that your divorce papers were filed at how can I find out if it has been finalized?

Who filed them? Ask that person. They had to be filed in the family, divorce or probate court (whatever it is called in your state) for the county you or the other party or both of you lived in at the time (or for the previous year or so, depending on state law again).

How do you find divorce documents as mine are lost?

Go to the Clerk of the District Court in the county where your divorce papers were filed and get a copy.

When is a divorce legal when it was granted or when it was filed?

When a divorce is filed that means one or both of the parties have filed a complaint for divorce and that filing begins the divorce process.The 'granting' of the divorce takes place when the decree is entered at the end of the divorce process. After the decree has been entered, some jurisdictions have a nisi period of 30-180 days during which the divorce is not yet absolute. After the nisi period the marriage is legally dissolved and the parties are free to marry someone else.

Where you can find the record to know that if you were divorced?

Answer In the United States you have to sign divorce papers and you usually get a copy once the divorce is final. If you did not file for the divorce you need to find out where it was filed, meaning what jurisdiction - county - state, etc. The courthouse in the jurisdiction where the divorce was filed will have a copy of a final divorce decree.

How do you find out if your fiances wife has finally filed for divorce?

You need to access the county court website (if there is one) where the divorce would be filed and they frequently provide case information by names. Look her up.

How can you find out if your divorce is final if you filed while in prison in Willacy County?

I don't know and who cares?

How do you find out online if your divorce has been finalized?

You can find out by going on the county site that your divorce was filed in. You can also call the courthouse directly and ask them

How do you get a divorce decree if you don't know where the divorce was filed?

where to get a copy of divorce decree if you dont where it is filed

How can you find out if your spouse filed for a divorce?

In this state, at least, your spouse must file for divorce in the county of residence. All court documents with only a few exceptions (children, sealed incitements) are public record. If a petition for a divorce has been filed, it will be on record.

Divorce papers were previously filed and never finalized How do you get the divorce finalized?

If it was over 6 months you will have to file the paper work again

How do you find out if someone is divorced in Maryland?

You need to check the family court records in the county where they live. If they have moved around you my need to check several counties. A divorce is filed in the county where the couple resided at the time of the divorce.

Which Gosselin filed for the divorce?

Kate Gosselin filed papers to initiated the divorce proceedings.

Your wife says she filed for a divorce but you were never served any papers you want the divorce so what do you do to continue the process?

You should most likely try to find out if the papers were drawn up. If not, you can begin the divorce process yourself.

Who filed for divorce in 1973 Richard Burton or elizabeth Taylor?

Neither, they separated in 1973 got back together and separated again, and Elizabeth finally filed and was granted their first divorce on June 26, 1974 in Saanen, Switzerland (near her home Chalet Ariel in Gstaad). The Burtons remarried on October 10, 1975 in Botswana only to divorce (at Richard's request, though again Elizabeth filed and the divorce was granted on July 29, 1976.

How long is divorce paperwork kept on file in California?

Once everything is filed with the court, a California divorce takes about six months before you are divorced. If the divorcing couple is living together, a divorce is filed in the California Superior Court in the county of residence of either spouse. One spouse must have lived in California for at least 6 months prior to the divorce and in the specific county for at least 3 months.

How can you find out if someone in the state of Maryland is divorced?

You need to check the family court records in the county where they live. If they have moved around you my need to check several counties. A divorce is filed in the county where the couple resided at the time of the divorce.

Can you get remarried if divorce papers are filed but not final?

No, you can't remarry if divorce papers are filed but not final.

How do you know if someone has legally filed for divorce?

online you can look up public records for your specific county (provided they are online).

How can your girlfriend find out if she is divorced?

People get married and divorced in different states so she has to know where the papers for the divorce were filed. Then she can go to the recordings office in the court house and see if papers have been filed. If she filed for divorce then she would have had to appear before a judge and have been issued a dissolution of marriage. If her ex filed he would have had to notify her of a proceeding, whether she chose to show up doesnt matter because a judge can grant a divorce that has been petitioned with out the party there. She should bring her marriage certificate if she has it, they may be able to crossreference the number of that with a divorce decree. Divorce records are public information and are filed in the state's vital records department in the state and county where the divorce was granted. Information can be found using only the names of the divorcing parties, but it is much simpler if the date the petition was filed, the county in which it was filed and so forth is available. FYI, it is not necessary for both parties to be present for a divorce to be granted. If the person served does not respond with agreement or contestation, the filing spouse can receive the divorce under the default laws of the state.

What state regulates a divorce when it is filed in a different state than marriage occurred?

The state where the divorce is filed.

Did usher and his wife have a divorce?

Yes, they filed for divorce in 2009.

Did usher Raymond get a divorce?

Usher filed for divorce in 2009

Can a divorce be filed without a lawyer?

Yes, divorce can be filed without a lawyer. Pro se divorce, also sometimes referred as do it yourself divorce, entitles parties to file divorce without a lawyer or attorney.