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yes,of course you can wish for anything(as long as it's a good wish) at anytime the lord is always there to hear you.

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Is blew a noun?

No, blew is the past tense of the verb to blow. He blew out the candles.

What are the phrases in this sentence Christine blew out the candles on the cake and opened her presents?

Christine blew out the candles on the cake. And opened her presents

How do you put the word blew in a sentence?

The wind blew down that old tree. He blew out the candles on the cake.

On Panfu what is the answer to the candle riddle?

It is five.It said there is 8 candles to begin with.Then it said it four were blown out so that would be four still lit.Then it said the window blew out 1. So if you put all that together you get three candles still burning.8-4-1=3So three candles were still lit.In the morning, those three candles will have melted and no longer count as candles, leaving the unlit and whole candles left.8-3=5So 5 candles are left.

Could you use draft in a sentence?

There are many meanings for the word "draft" but one sentence could be: The draft coming through the door was so strong it blew the candles out.

How can you make a sentence with the word 'Blew'?

A sentence with the word 'blew' could be 'I watched as the kite blew in the wind.'

How do use blew and blue in a sentence?

She blew up the blue balloon.The sky was blue but the wind blew fiercely.The blue whale blew water as it breached the ocean's surface.I blew out my candles on my birthday cake which was covered in blue icing.

How do you use the word singe in a sentence?

If you stand too close to the fire, it could singe the edge of your jacket. Did she singe her ponytail as she blew out her birthday candles? Sadly, the family photos were singed in the fire.

What is the meaning behind the song candles by Hey Monday?

it means she made the house look all pretty and seductive with candles but she broke up with her boyfriend or whatever and so she blew the candles out. bascially her sex night got ruined by a fight.

Is the sentence correct - The boy could blew the candle?

The boy blew out the candle.

Is the factory still open in Ireland?

it blew up

Is Mount Vesuvius still danger today?

Yes, it blew up yesterday!!

Was big ben blew up today?

No, Big Ben is still standing.

Is blew a common noun?

No, the word 'blew' is NOT a noun.The word 'blew' is the past tense of the verb to blow.Example: The wind blew out the candles.The word 'blow' is both a verb and a noun.The noun 'blow' is a common noun; a general word for a hard hit to the body; a general word for a sudden shock or disappointment; a general word for an instance of forcing air through something; a general word for a very strong wind; a word for any blow of any kind.

What does the idiom blew it mean?

You blew it means you failed.

Your rad hose blew a hole replaced it but now im still getting smoke from the engine on the right sidewhat could be the cause of this?

Either another blown hose, or blown radiator. It could also be the antifreeze burning off of the engine.

How do you spell blew?

Blew is correct.

What is the homophones of blew?

Blue is Answer For Blew.

The runaway train came down the track and she blew blew blew?

"BLEW" AS IN THE SONG "RUNAWAY TRAIN CAME DOWN THE TRACK AND SHE BLEW" pre-dates any breathalyzer connection. Surely, it means the (train) boiler blew...

What does blew it mean?

Awnswer : blew it mean ruining . grammar example ; i really blew it !!!

What is the homophone of blew?

A homophone for blew is Blue.

What rhymes with blew is it too?

If your asking if blew rhymes with too your right. Blew and too rhyme.

What actors and actresses appeared in As He Blew He Blew - 1915?

The cast of As He Blew He Blew - 1915 includes: Harry La Pearl as Homeless Harry

Is blew a preposition?

No, blew is a past tense verb.

How do you use prickly in a sentence with word gust?

The prickly cacti remained still even when the strong gust blew by.