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mom mouse died

I found a baby mouse once, and I brought it home and put it in a small box with cotton so it would stay warm. I mixed a bit of warm milk, added just a drop of honey, stirred well and either feed it with an eye dropper like the other poster suggested. They should be fed like you would a human baby and approx., a tiny bit every 1/2 hour to 45 mins. Also put a few wood chips down (that they put in kennels for cats or dogs) and change often. It doesn't take them long to grow and mine did survive.


You can treat it like a hamster baby whose mom refuses it and feed it baby formula with an eye dropper every couple hours. Be careful not to give it too much at a time though.You will have to feed it round the clock and even then do not be surprised if it does not make it.Mothers milk in the first few weeks of life is essential. Good luck!

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Q: If you found a mouse giving birth and she died soon after but the baby is still alive how do you feed it?
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