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You cannot gain 3 lbs by eating one meal, unless the meal was 10500 calories big! Most likely the weight gain is water weight or bloating that will go down soon. Try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables the next day, and not a lot of sodium. The weight is not going to stay, don't worry :)

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Q: If you gain up to three pounds off of one meal what should you do?
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How many pounds can you gain from eating McDonalds twice a day?

i dont know about pounds you can gain but you lose about tree fiddy for every extra value meal

How much does dinner cost?

it depends what ur eating but for a three course meal for 20.00 pounds

What should be the blood sugar after three hours of meal?

not above 120

How do you gain 20 pounds?

depends on how u want to gain it u can take the easy way and have fast food for your every meal or if u want to gain muscle you could go talk to a personal trainer and ask for a program and diet

If your weight is 94 pounds and you are 5'3 and 26 years old how can you gain weight?

to gain weight while still remaining healthy, increase your meal size and increase your consumption of carbohydrates. do not rely on fried foods to gain weight because that is bad for your arteries.

How many pounds of food can a Komodo dragon eat at one meal?

Well they can eat 100 pounds per meal! You welcome

Can you gain weight with ensure plus?

if you use it as a meal replacement you will lose weight but if you drink it with every meal you will gain weight it's all about calories in - calories out get it !

How long after meal exercise should be done?

It depends upon how much you have taken in meal and how hard exercise you want to do. If you have had light meal and want to do heavy exercise than you should wait till one or two hour and if you have taken heavy meal than you should wait for two and half or three hour than you should do exercise.

What is the dinner price and menu for culloden house hotel?

50 pounds for a 3 course meal 100 pounds for a 4 course meal

What happens if you are anorexic and eat a lot in one meal and do you gain weight because of it?

No. It takes 3,500 calories to gain a solid pound of body weight. One meal will not do that.

How many pounds are in one meal?

some meals are up to 110 pounds

How many pounds of soybean meal does it take to make a bushel?

about 60 pounds. (60 pounds is average.)

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