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Birth Control does not make you gain a substantial amount of weight. Its usually about 8 lbs. a year so if you've gained more than that then look at your eating habits. Just don't eat junk food, don't over eat, etc. Obviously birth control can make it easier to gain weight, but if your noticing it quickly enough than you won't need to lose that much. If you are not eating any differently, than contact your OB/GYN or your family doctor and express your concerns to them. They may recommend a different kind of birth control.

i have dealt with this prob in the past,what i did was simply quit that bc,gave my body a while free from hormones,then moved on toa new method.You just have to search around for the birth control that works for you.

2015-07-15 19:13:13
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How much weight has he gained since he started man v food?

About 5 stone

How long does it take to lose weight gained on birth control?

Birth control should not be used for wight loss, nor does it necessarily make you lose weight.

How can birth control make you gain weight?

Despite old wives' tales to the contrary, birth control pills do not cause weight gain. Patients on birth control pills and patients not on birth control in controlled studies both gained weight.

How long does it take to lose the weight gained while on depakote after medication has been stopped?

i have taken depakote for 5 years now. The first year i was on it i gained 20lbs after i got ysed to the drug i started dropping the weight I'm still on depakote and back to the same weight i was when i started to take it. your body just needs to get used to the drug and you will loose the weight.

Will a breast reduction make you lose weight?

Speaking from experience, not really. I found that initially (meaning the first week) I lost weight due to lack of desire to eat but the weight of your breasts do not put that much of a dent in your overall weight. Be careful though, I had one started birth control and gained weight in college and now they have grown.

Does Junel birth control make you gain weight?

yes. gained 15 lbs within a year of taking it.

If you stopped taking birth control would you lose weight?

If you gained any weight while on the pill, once you stop taking it you will most likely lose the same amount you gained, due to the hormones that are increased, when taking the pill. However, this can depend on your diet, as well as the type of birth control you are taking.

Is eating and then exercising going to help you gain weight?

the basics of weight gain is eating more than what you need so that the excess can be stored to gain weight and physical exercise which will demand the body to add more muscle so that the weight gained is healthy and not fat

Best birth control for weight loss?

on average the weight gained is only about 5 pounds, the pill has pretty much nothing to do with the weight but its a rumor that girls always gain weight from being on it, just a rumor

What is excess weight?

That is too much weight.

How do you use weight in a sentence?

Have you gained weight since you started your new job? The weight of the truck caused the sidewalk to crack. Use a weight belt when you are lifting weights. The reports of the enviromental group carried much weight with the zoning commission.

You gained weight with taking birth control would you lose weight if you stopped taking it?

BCP have not conclusively be connected to weight gain - as many women lose weight from taking them as gain weight. The same percent on a placebo also gain and lose. If you are one of those women who gained from BCP - changing or stopping the pill should allow you to lose weight by reducing calories sensibly.

You stopped taking birth control for two months and you think after you stopped taking it you gained weight and you were wondering if he reason why im gaining weight is because you stopped taking birt?

Or you are pregnant.

How long does it take to lose weight gained while on Cymbalta?

how long does it take to lose the weight gained after cymbalta withdrawals??

Why do you get love handles?

Love handles are from excess weight. Your genetic code which is the instructions for your body determine where this excess weight is stored.

Andrew dice clay weight?

He's gained weight.

What is excess body weight?

When you are fat

How much did Tiger Woods weigh when he started pro golf?

in one of his video with butch harmon, he talks about how much weight he has gained through out his career, and he said when he first started playing as pro, he weighed 158 lbs, but, he started weight training and now he weighs around 180 to 185 lbs.

Which biggest loser winner has gained the most weight back?

Erik Chopin. he gained half his original weight back after the show.

Why have you gained weight when you have worked out for 45 mins five times a week and cut calories?

If you have just started working out/ or haven't exercised a lot before, you gain weight because you're muscles start growing, which increases you're weight.

Should your husband stop loving you because you gained weight?

no, he should love u unconditionally. Whether u have gained 3 stone or not. Tell him that you would love him still if he gained weight.

How do you gain weight on your butt and thighs?

I have gained weight on my butt and thighs and i weigh 115 and i m 16. You can just eat sweets. That's how i gained 10 pounds I have gained weight on my butt and thighs and i weigh 115 and i m 16. You can just eat sweets. That's how i gained 10 pounds

What is the best way to get into your pants if you've gained weight?

if it's jeans, lie flat on your back and put them on horizontally on the bed. This helps gravity move your excess 'fat' around so it fits into place.

Can glutathione make you fat?

It is promoted as a super Antioxidant that promotes weight loss, but I gained 7kg when i started taking it, because it is from MILK PROTEIN and it BLOATS. x

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