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It isn't required in the United States to have any kind of degree to own your own business or design products. The business classes might be helpful for you in order to understand some of the details of business. An option I would look into would be a continuing education course at a community or junior college in owning your own business. Check out some books at the library or a bookstore on developing business plans. See what questions you have and go from there. Also, use your professors in the master's program, they have tons of information in their heads. !

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Q: If you get a Masters in Fashion Design do you need to take business courses in order to have your own line of clothing?
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BA in Sociology and an MBA - what could you teach at a community college?

Typically, you must have a masters degree in the subject you are teaching. Thus, business and management courses should be fine.Typically, you must have a masters degree in the subject you are teaching. Thus, business and management courses should be fine.Typically, you must have a masters degree in the subject you are teaching. Thus, business and management courses should be fine.Typically, you must have a masters degree in the subject you are teaching. Thus, business and management courses should be fine.Typically, you must have a masters degree in the subject you are teaching. Thus, business and management courses should be fine.Typically, you must have a masters degree in the subject you are teaching. Thus, business and management courses should be fine.

What is the most famous college or institute of fashion in Italy?

Polimoda, the International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing, is considered one of the best fashion and design schools in Europe and definitely the leader in fashion and marketing education in Italy. The fashion school in Italy holds high quality classes in Florence, Italy ranging undergraduate courses to Masters level specialization programs to summer courses, in the areas of Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Fashion Merchandising courses.

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Want to create a clothe design?

If you would like to create clothing or design clothing, it is a good idea to take courses in fashion design. You can take those courses at most colleges that offer programs in design.

Can you get a masters degree in psychology if you are currently obtaining a bachelors in business?

Yes. It will require some additional undergraduate courses.

What courses are offered at phoenix edu?

Pheonix Edu offers a variety of courses for Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees. Some examples of Associates courses offered are courses in technology, psychology and education. For the bachelors program some examples are education, criminal justice and public administration. In the Masters program business managment, education and nursing are just a few examples of what courses are offered!

What universities offer MBA courses online?

The University of Phoenix offers online masters degree courses in business administration. Upon completion of their courses, you will have earned an MBA degree online through the University of Phoenix.

Which are the streams of fashion designing?

Following are the streams in which the students can choose to have their specialization:Textile ManagementTextile DesigningFashion Illustration and DesignFashion CommunicationFashion TechnologyFashion Business ManagementHome Textile ManagementFashion and Apparel DesignClothing TechnologyFashion Retail ManagementFashion Design and MerchandisingFashion Designing and Garment ConstructionApparel Production EngineeringDress Designing and Tailoring

What type of academic programs are offered at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in India?

The National Institute of Fashion Technology in India offers academic courses in design, management, and technology for business in international fashion.

What courses of study are available at loyola academy?

"Loyola Academy offers a variety of courses of study which include Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Arts. Loyola Academy also offers a post graduate programs such as Masters of Science and Masters of Business."

Which business vocational technical schools offer courses in fashion design?

You generally won't find fashion design courses at a vocational tech school. Rather, there are two-year and four-year degree programs offered through colleges and universities.

If you want to be a fashion designer what courses do you need?

Fashion and cooking lessons

How do I start my own underwear fashion business?

Arts colleges offer courses on lingerie design which will include how to get financial backing, suppliers of materials and access to factories for stock make-up. Courses can be found at the London College of Fashion, DeMontfort University and the School of Sewing.

Is it possible to be a fashion designer and a fashion stylist?

fashion stylist courses in new york

Are there any schools that offer fashion courses but not art courses?

It depends on what area you are in but many public high schools offer fashion.

What are the educational requirements for a fashion desighner?

A candidate should be bachelors from any stream to work as fashion assistant.A contender with good photograph portfolio along with specified education requirements can perform as fashion model.To opt for fashion photographer, one needs bachelors in photography or in any stream along with diploma in photography.To work as fashion designer, an applicant should have minimum of Graduate or Masters in fashion designing along with creative fashion designing courses.An applicant must be a post graduate in any stream along with coordination diplomas and management courses to be a fashion coordinator

Does this website of society of business practitioners has masters in markerting here in UK?

This is a professional examining body that offers courses in business related awards at the certificate and diploma levels. They are not a university and do not offer degrees.

Can I get a fashion degree online?

Yes you can. Online degrees in fashion are available as bachelors, associates and masters. You may refer to websites such as 1) 2) You can find courses such as Fashion Designing, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Retail Management. However do be sure that the school you pick is either regionally accredited or nationally accredited by an agency like National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

When is masters in science going to start in southern dublin Ireland?

There are masters courses in Trinity College.

How do you become a fashion stylist?

Our online fashion stylist courses in new york are designed for those who are looking to start a career in fashion styling courses or to enhance their personal style. Learn more

What are some high school classes needed to become a fashion designer?

-math -art -english -fashion -business -speech and you might also need a bachelor degree as well as specialised courses for this career :D

Can you give all the details for fashion designing course after 10th?

Hi, Please visit the Hunar Online Courses website you can get detailed info about fashion designing courses

How long business courses are in demand?

Business courses are always in demand because business is present everywhere and everytime

Which colleges offer online fashion courses?

You can go for Hunar Online Courses as they help you learn fashion designing in more than one language from home with easy video lessons. After completing a course with them, you will be a certified designer.

What courses do you need to become a fashion editor?