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If you get a period while pregnant how does it differ from your regular menses?

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It differs from your regular menses in that it isn't your period at all. You cannot have a period and be pregnant at the same time by the very biological definition and function of the two.

Think about it.

Any bleeding you experience during a pregnancy is referred to as "vaginal bleeding" and it is caused by something other than your period.

Visit the related question below for a lot more information on this very topic as well as possible causes and what you should do about it.

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Which are the dates when a women becomes pregnant?

After menses period the first week is the 100% chances to become pregnant.

Can i m pregnant because got a menses September 22nd but now October 29th but till now i didn't got menses 2 days before i test the urine test but it show negative Am i pregnant or not?

I m 24 age.four months back i got marriage.i m regular period.

When after your period do you ovulate?

Given a regular menses, ovulation normally occurs two weeks after menstruation.

Is there any chance of pregnancy just after two days of menses?

Yes you can get pregnant right after your period.

Can you get pregnant during menses?

Yes you can. Ovulation normally occurs on day 14 of the cycle if the period is regular. However, ovulation may potentially occur at anytime during the cycle and lead to pregnancy.

What is menses of period?

The terms menses and period generally refer to the same thing: menstruation.

Are you pregnant if you have a regular period?


Can you be pregnant if you had a regular period last month but no period this month?

Yes, and it's a good bet that you are. No period = pregnant.

What are the symptoms you should feel if your on your period and maybe you are also pregnant?

If you are having a regular period, you are not pregnant.

What are menses?

Menses is the medical term for your period. you guys are so stupid

Can a woman be pregnant and still have a regular period?


Can you have a regular period for two consecutive months and still be pregnant?

if you do then you are not pregnant

Can you have regular heavy periods when pregnant?

You can't have a period when you're pregnant!

Is it possible for a woman to still have a regular period throughout her pregnancy?

Your period stops when you become pregnant. Some women do bleed a little while pregnant but it is not a regular period and a doctor should be consulted.

Is it possible to have a regular period and still be pregnant?


If you dont have a regular period can you still get pregnant?


Is it possible to have a regular heavy period and still be pregnant?


Been taking Mensovit Plus for one month after sex have not got my period Does it prevent pregnancy?

It's for irregular menses so it should actually help you get pregnant. If you have not gotten your period you could be pregnant right now.

What changes do you experience if you're pregnant and still have your period?

It is extremely uncommon for a woman to be pregnant and still have a period. If you are pregnant and experience a regular period i suggest you see a doctor immediately.

Can a pregnancy test detect if you are pregnant if you still get your period regularly?

If you are having a regular period, why would you think you could be pregnant?

If you thought you were pregnant but finally got your period should you take a home test just to be sure you are not?

If you had a normal pregnancy, you aren't pregnant. If it was irregular or light, you should take a test.CORRECTION...If you had a regular period, not pregnancy, you aren't pregnant.ANSWERI got my regular period for 5months in my pregnancy. Some people do get their regular period during their pregnancy.

Can you be pregnant then have your period?

Yes. Some women still have regular bleeding while pregnant

Can you still be pregnant and have a regular period?

No. If you are pregnant and bleeding you should contact your Dr immediately.

Coud you be pregnant if your period was 9 days late but then got a regular period and a pregnancy test came back negative?

If you have your period, you're not pregnant.

Can you find out that you are pregnant in 2 weeks?

In two weeks of what? You get pregnancy at fourteenth day of your menses. You can not know the same by this time. You can easily know that you are pregnant by week or ten days after you miss your period.