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== == YES, of course they can, by applying to the court for a "change of income " ruling, and a new judge's order to increase your payments per month, based on your new level of income. They will use the payroll records at the job to argue for an increase in your payments.

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Q: If you get a raise or another part time job while paying off a chapter 13 can they increase your payments each month?
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Can you file bankruptcy in Ohio then move to Germany before the bankruptcy is complete?

Yes, you can move anywhere you want to, but if you are paying payments (Chapter 13) you are still legally obligated to make the payments.

You kept making car payments after discharged in chapter 7 if you stop paying and don't surrender the car can the lender go and undo your bankruptcy?

No. But, the vehicle will become a repossession if payments are not made.

Does paying off another person mortgage payments help your credit?

No. Not if your name isn't on the loan.

What will cause a decrease in one liability and an increase in another liability?

Paying off one loan by getting another loan will decrease one liability and increase another.

How can household increase there income?

They could get a higher paying job or another job.

If you cosign on a car and the other person files chapter 13 and is paying on the loan can the company make you pay for the loan too?

Absolutely. That's the responsibility you took on as a co-signer: that you would assume payments in the event the primary could not make them. If that person is making payments mutually agreed to by him and his creditor, then they have no reason to coma after you. However, if because of the Chapter 13 he can't make payments, you become legally responsible for them.

I filed bankrupty under Chapter 13. My student loan is included in the Chapter 13 and I am paying on it. Can I still apply for another student loan?

Only if you have the courts permission

Will the insurance company accept your claim on a vehicle that is stolen if your late on your car payments?

They will accept almost any claim, paying it is another matter.

When might one get an increase in their rate on their credit card account?

You can get an increase by paying your bill on time for at least 6 months, late payments can result in credit limit and credit score decreases. You can also lower your credit utilization.

I am paying child support payments until she's 22 when do I stop paying do I stop on the 22nd or do I continue paying until the 23rdbirthday?

on her birthday

Can you get a personal loan even though you filled chapter 13?

The 2005 bankruptcy law provides that, under Chapter 7, eight years must elapse before you can refile. If you go for Chapter 13 after a Chapter 7, you must wait four years. Going from one Chapter 13 to another, two years must elapse. If you still have student loans (which typically aren't dis-chargeable in bankruptcy), you can use them to rebuild your score. Make your payments on time, all the time, and try to pay more than you owe whenever possible. Next to making on time payments, paying down your existing debt is one of the best ways to improve your credit score.

What are some ways that one can increase their credit score?

There are many ways one can increase their credit score. This includes paying off any defaults due on their account, as well as making sure all credit payments are done on time.

When did social security begin paying disability payments?


What options are available for Reliant Energy bill payments?

There are various options available for Reliant Energy bill payments. These include average billing, paperless billing, automatic payment options, paying online, paying through mail or even paying in person.

If you send two payments every month do you pay interest on both payments?

I doubt it. You would be paying down your balance and shortening the actual lenght of time you are making payments. The second payment is probably being applied to your principal and this benefits you by paying down what you owe.

Can you get a reposession back after filing chapter 13?

No, once a vehicle is repossessed it is no longer your vehicle. The only way to get it back is to make some sort of arrangement with the financier for you to keep the vehicle. This is usually paying off the missed payments, or even paying off the full balance. What you have to do to get it back is dictated by the financier.

If car insurance payments taken out monthly are you paying in advance for the insurance cover?

Yes, you are probably paying for the next 30 days. This does not take into account any changes that you make during the policy period. If you make a change that produces an increase in the premium, often times the company will divide this out among future payments so that you are not made to pay the endorsement (change) charge in one lump.

How do you prevent your home from going in to foreclosure?

By paying your mortgage payments on time.

Making car payments can your car be repo?

If your paying for the car, they cannot!

Can you be arrested for not paying your car payments?

maybe but your car would be repossessed

Effect of persistent deficit in balance of payments?

A persistent deficit in the balance of payments leads to an individual not paying their way. Society as a whole can get into a deficit when many people are defaulting on payments.

If paying alimony and ex spouse becomes eligible to draw Social Security on ex spouse who is paying alimony can alimony payments stop?

It depends on the wording of the alimony decree. Generally, the alimony and the Social Security are independent of one another.

Can you file a chapter 7 while you are in an open chapter 13?

You may have the option of converting to a 7. Although the court could decide you are capable of paying back your debt via 13. You are in a better position of keeping a car and home in 13 than 7. Unless you cannot reaffirm the loans, and the lender is calling in the property. They would still have that option in a 7 also. You can file a Chapter 7 (or another 13) after 70% of the plan payments are completed.

Do you still pay house payments in chapter 7?

In my case NO. I stopped paying way before filing CH7 and even after being discharge I'm still not paying. The service lender MAY offer you any kind of deal like HAMP. I'm not sure if they will want me to re assure the debt.

Is amortization of a loan done by all loan places?

Loan amortization is the paying off of a debt over time, through payments. The payments include interest as well as paying of the debt. All loan companies do offer this.

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