If you get a referenced memory error while trying to start Diablo II and it says your memory could not be written what do you do?

1. What operating system are you running? You might need to run a newer version of the O.S. to make that particular application work. 2. How much RAM do you have? You might just need to add more memory. It's relatively easy and inexpensive. 3. Do you have enough VIRTUAL memory? Virtual memory is just disk space that has been set-aside to hold anything that doesn't fit in RAM. Use your command line ( dos prompt ) to run the memory command mem /c followed by mem /p and then mem /d Take note of all running programs. Also, look into your prgram manager Crtl Alt Del to find running programs. Then kill one program at a time and rerun your program to see what program is causing you problems. Most likely, your problem comes from a security or virus program. Once you identified the program that is being unkind, contact the company website for updates and helps. Do not surf the internet without your firewall, security and virus programs running.