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i don't think so because its ouside in your skin and it depends on where you put it. Besides if you put a tattoo when you want to take it off it will hurt. And if you put a tatto on your tummy then yes it could affect the baby.

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Q: If you get a tattoo at 3 months pregnant can it affect the baby?
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What happens if you get a tattoo while pregnant?

Getting a tattoo while pregnant can be very risky. The chemicals in the ink can affect your baby during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The chemicals can be dangerous to the fetus.

What if you got a tattoo and found out later that you are pregnant?

It is a proven scientific fact that receiving a tattoo will not get you pregnant..... however, if you are pregnant at the time you get a tattoo, it will not cause your baby harm...

Can you get a tattoo during your pregnancy?

No reputable tattoo artist will give you a tattoo while pregnant. It could do serious harm to the unborn baby. It is recommended that you shouldn't even dye your hair while pregnant. There is no need to get tattoos while pregnant, wait until the baby is born and your body is at full strength before you go ahead and get one. Your only prenant for 9 months, its not long to wait.

Can getting a tattoo during pregnancy harm an unborn baby?

Yes. You are not to, under ANY circumstance to get a tattoo while you are pregnant. You are bombarding the body with a foreign substance that your body will fight off, and in the pregnant state, this is not good. It is a standard question that is asked before any tattoo. Wait the nine months.

How many days are you pregnant before you have the baby?

You are pregnant for 9 months before you have the baby.

Can kissing a pregnant woman when you have a cold sore affect the baby?

It will not affect the baby.

If you trying to get pregnant is it all right to get a tattoo?

no its fine but i will make a baby with u

Can you tattoo a pregnant person?

hell nooo you cant tattoo a pregnant person. youll mess up the baby and depending were the tattoo is like on your back you wont be able to get a epidural and trust me you need it! im 17 and just had a baby 4 weeks ago!

Can i have a tattoo 2 months after having your baby if i do not breast feed?

Yes, it will not affect your child at all. Unless you wanted to wait to get down to your before pregnancy weight. Then why not!

When you are pregnant how many months are you along to have the baby kick?

About 5 months along.

How do pubic lice affect a pregnant woman and her baby?

Pubic lice cause itching for a pregnant woman. They don't affect a baby before birth.

Is belly piercing affect a your baby when your pregnant someday?

No. It's just skin. It doesn't affect the baby.

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