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Sometimes, but not always. Let your doctor know that you were and he/she will know what to do.

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Q: If you get drunk the week you find out you are pregnant will it hurt the baby?
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Will it hurt the baby if you got drunk a few times before you knew you were pregnant?


I got drunk before I found out I was pregnant. Will it hurt the baby?

As of right now it will not hurt the baby, but it would be wise not to drink again in the mean time.

When you are pregnant Can it hurt your baby if the dentist has to pull teeth?

No it doesnt hurt the baby in anyway when you pull out a tooth from a pregnant lady.

Can you hurt your baby if you dye your hair when your pregnant?

Breathing in the fumes of the chemicals can be harmful for your baby when you are pregnant.

Smoking by pregnant women can hurt the?


Can coughing while pregnant hurt the baby?


Will a baby have birth defects if you get pregnant while on provera?

i was on that when i became pregnant with my first child, and she didn't have birth defects. birth control doesnt hurt the baby just as long as you stop taking it once you find out you are pregnant.

How much can drinking affect your baby if you dont know your pregnant?

If you are pregnant, any amount of alcohol can hurt the baby.

Is it possible for a penis to hurt a womens baby if shes pregnant?

No, it's not possible for a penis to hurt a woman's baby if she is pregnant. The baby is within the uterus so protected from the penis which penetrates the vaginal canal.

Does it hurt the baby if i put in a tampon?

It wouldn't hurt the baby, but why would you put in a tampon, if you're pregnant you don't have your period.

Is one glass of wine going to hurt your unborn baby?

i dont think one glass of wine would hurt the unborn baby. i have drunk a glass of wine and it clearly didnt harm me or my baby

What are the effects of drug use by pregnant women?

it can hurt the baby

Can birth control hurt the baby when you're pregnant?


You are nine weeks pregnant and you fell today could you have hurt the baby?

I am pregnant i am nine weeks and i fell form tow storie . Could my be hurt.

Can Coughing a lot while pregnant harm your baby?

No that's a normal condition and can not hurt the baby.

What happens if you burn your stomach while pregnant?

if you're worried it will hurt the baby, it wont it will just hurt you

If you think your 19 days pregnant and you smoke can that hurt your baby?


Is it safe to eat fudge while pregnant?

i think it will not hurt the baby

What if you are 17 weeks pregnant and got a slight shock through the arms could that hurt the baby?

It shouldn't. The only kind of shock that would hurt the baby is the kind that would hurt you also.

Can you fall pregnant when cocain or any other drug?

You can always get pregnant. Drugs will just hurt the baby or kill it.

If you just found out im pregnant and taking street drugs can it hurt your baby if you quit?

It will hurt your baby more if you continue. The baby will be born a addict and with several health problems if you don't quit.

When your pregnant does it hurt when you lay on your stomach?

Yes it does your putting pressure and wheight on the baby

Can the baby get hurt if you are hit in the stomach at 12 weeks pregnant?

Depending on how hard you were hit it could hurt the baby. You might want to call and have your doctor take a look

Can getting a tattoo while a few weeks pregnant hurt the baby?

I dont think it will hurt a baby, but before you decide if you want a tattoo maybe you should learn how to spell....

Can you loose the baby if you took a pill that was 500mg and didn't realize that you were pregnant?

If you didn't realize or know that you are pregnant, no it wont hurt the baby. My suggestion to you, would be to go see your doctor.