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2007-07-11 18:08:55
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What kind of heads does a Chevy Caprice have 5.7?


Do you use silicone on Chevy 350 cylinder heads?

Not on the head gaskets.

How do you replace Chevy 454 head gaskets?

Remove carburator then intake manifold then cylinder heads

Will 305 cylinder heads cause overheating on 350?

They can if the heads are cracked ,are the intake manifold gaskets were put on wrong when thay were installed. The heads themselves if thay are good heads will not cause overheating. You cannot put the head gaskets on wrong on a small block Chevy engine.

Why would a Chevy 350 have low compression on every cylinder after rebuild?

head gaskets??? warped heads? did you have them milled?

1994 Lt 1 Chevy Caprice 5.7 What are the torque settings on the heads?

call your Chevy parts man at the dealer and he will be able to look it up for you.

How do you increase the compression ratio of a 1996 Chevy caprice 9c1 police package car?

Change the pistons, or change the cylinder heads, or mill down the cylinder heads.

What is the bolt pattern of a1978 Chevy Caprice?

on what part of the car?wheels,heads,intake must be more specific!

Is it common for intake gaskets and head gaskets to blow on a 99 Tahoe?

From 1996 to late 1999 There was a problem with the intake gasket design on the Vortec engines. They have sents redesigned the gasket and now it does not leak as often. Intake Gaskets leaking is a common problem. Now the only time you have a problem with the heads is when the engine is over heated, and I mean HOT. Then the heads warp and the head gaskets leak or blow. Chevy just don't have problems with the heads on the V6 and V8 engines.

How much would it cost to replace the head gasket on a 1986 Chevy Caprice Classic 5l 8v?


What is timing need to be set to for a 83 Chevy caprice to start after putting on heads?

usally about 8 or 10 degrees BTDC will work fine to get it going.

Do you have to remove the distributor on a 2000 Chevy s-10 blazer 4.3 when you do head gaskets?

Yes, the distributor has to come out to remove the intake manifold in order to remove the heads.

What is a intake gaskets?

On the very top of the engine there is a intake manifold and the intake gaskets go between the intake and cylinder heads.

On a 1990 Thunderbird SC do the cylinder heads need to be resurfaced when changing the head gaskets?

The heads don't necessarily need to be resurfaced when you change the head gaskets unless you think they may be cracked. They should be resurfaced every time the gaskets are changed, but you can get by without resurfacing them.

Torque specs for intake and heads on a 1988 Chevy 350?

i retorqued my Chevrolet heads to 90 ft. lbs. but i also found if you use the specific torque pattern the gaskets will seat better....i don't torque my intake boltsAnswer65 lb.ft.

How do you repair head gasket on 89 Chevy silverado?

Short answer, remove the heads and replace the head gaskets. If you want to know exactly how to do this, then purchase an Hayne's or Chilton's repair manual for your car.

Oil in coolant vanagon?

you will probably need to change heads gaskets

How should the gaskets for intake mainfold be placed on a 350 Chevy engine there are some with covers for back holes and some without the covers which ones should i use?

Sounds like you have two different types of gaskets? Use the gaskets that match your valve covers/heads. Having too many holes, or not enough will cause the gasket to prematurely fail or leak.

Where are the head gaskets in a Nissan Altima?

Sandwiched between the heads and the engine block.

Can you put stock Chevy 350 exhaust manifolds on a Chevy Corvette block?

The manifolds mount to the heads, and are pretty much interchangeable throughout the life of that engine. There were two different bolt patterns used from the factory, and most heads are drilled with both. It's a pretty easy fix to add the missing hole and tap it if you run into that problem. Just remember that you must use gaskets if the heads are aluminum.

Do I use 305 head gaskets when installing 305 heads on a stock 1964 283 or do I use 283 head gaskets?

The 283 has a larger bore diameter, so use the 283 head gaskets.

Can a 92 Chevy caprice with a 350 motor tran fit in a 94 Chevy caprice with a 5.7 motor?

Yes, they are one and the same, displacement wise anyway. I'm going to look and see if the LS blocks are compatible with the say the LT's, and the 1st generation 350's, if they are different, might be, different block, heads, Trans mounting. 5.7=350ci in Chevrolet's.

Change head gaskets 97 Chevrolet blazer?

Head gaskets are changed on a 97 Chevy Blazer by removing all engine accessories, taking off the intake manifold, removing the valve covers, and taking out the retaining bolts. The heads can then be lifted, the gasket removed, and a new gasket put in place.

Why do Harley shovel heads leak from base gaskets?

The iron heads leak due to the expansion and contractions of the meterals that are difrent at difrent temp

If new heads and gaskets were put on a 1991 Chevy Silverado what would make it overheat on long distances versus short distances?

look at you thermostat sticking that happened to me in my 79 chev or check for plugs in rad