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Q: If you get married are you responsible for the loan your spouse cosigned for their sibling?
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In Ohio is a surviving spouse responsible for the student loans cosigned by the deceased spouse?

yes. When you became married all asests and liabilities became shared. This one may have bit you.

Who married their deceased spouse's sibling?

lot's of people

Is a surviving spouse who did not sign responsible for a loan the deceased cosigned?

The spouse would only be responsible if they lived in a community property state. Even then it is doubtful the contract would be valid if there were an attempt to collect the debt.

Is a spouse responsible for your debts before the marriage?

Absolutely not ! Whether you're single, engaged or married YOU are responsible for your OWN debt ! Even after you get married - your spouse is NOT responsible for debt YOU owe !

If you have a civil wrongful death before you are married is your spouse responsible?

if you have a civil wrongful death suit before you are married can your new spouse be held responsible

Can a man marry his half niece?

There is no such relationship as a "half-niece." Your niece is the daughter of your sibling or of the sibling of your spouse. No jurisdiction permits marriage between niece and uncle. You can't marry the daughter of the sibling of your spouse because you are already married to your spouse.

Is a spouse responsible for the credit card debts in the other spouse's name in New Jersey?

If the two of you are married, I believe you are responsible.

Who is my Nephew?

Your nephew is the son of your sibling, or of your spouse's sibling.

Is spouse responsible for husbands debts in Arkansas?

yes only if married at the time or unless if their credit cards no

Bankruptcy if married can one spouse file bankruptcy independently from the other Is the one spouse then held responsible for the first spouse's debts if bankruptcy Is filed?

One spouse can file bankruptcy separately and both are held responsible.

What are antonyms of spouse?


What is happens to your sibling when you get married?

They become your spouse's in law's & aunts/uncles to any children they may have already.

Are you responsible for medical bill if your spouse die?

yes, if your legally married, then your connected legally to all debts of your spouse.

If your married is your spouse responsible for your medical bills if you don't pay when your name not on the bills?

when you are married and your spouse don't pay his / her medical bills are you responsible for the bills when your name not on the bills and when they call they don't ask for me they ask for him and can they report it to the credit report

Is a surviving spouse liable for payment of debt on a loan cosigned only by the deceased spouse in Kentucky?

No, Kentucky is not a community property state.

Is your daughter-in-law's sister your in-law?

If you want to look at her that way there is nothing stopping you, but generally she would not be thought to be related to you. "In-Law" relationships are usually limited to the spouse of your child, the parent of your spouse, the sibling of your spouse and the spouse of your sibling.

In Texas Is a spouse responsible for the ex-spouse credit card debt?

If the debt was made when they were still married the answer is yes. STATED BY AUTHOR

Can a spouse be held responsible for wife's premarital credit card debt in NJ?

Yes because when you get married you are one so your spouse whould be responsible for their debt because that means their in debt to

If one is physically separated from ones spouse but not legally separated can one be held responsible for the debts of your spouse?

If you are still legally married, you can be held responsible. That would be the benefit of getting a divorce.

How can your son and your nephew be the same person?

Well either you had a child with your sibling or with your spouse's sibling.

What happens if someone collecting child support gets married?

The new spouse is not responsible for the child[ren].

If a 16 year old is legally married in the state of Tennessee incurs debt who is responsible for that debt the spouse or the parent of that 16 year old child?


What is a nephew in law?

Your spouse's sibling's son.

What is the relationship between a person and their sibling's spouse?

The spouse would be their brother/sister in law.

When you are legally married are you responsible for paying your spouse's credit card debt?

If the account is joint then both spouses are responsible for repayment. If the account was incurred during the marriage and is held by one spouse and the couple live in a community property state both spouse's are responsible for repayment. If the account was incurred during the marriage by only one spouse and the couple does not live in a community property state, only the spouse who is the account holder is responsible for repayment.