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No, you can't get pregnant like this. The sperm in the semen has to get right up inside the vagina and up the fallopian tubes to find an egg to fertilize. The easiest way is if the semen is squirted up inside the vagina. There's no way it can get there from your stomach.

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if there is any sperm left on your hand then yes you can potentially get her pregnant.

There is ZERO possibility of getting pregnant that way. You can, however, get pregnant by having sex and not using a condom...sounds like "semen on the stomach" is referring to the pull-out method...and you can STILL get pregnant doing that.

No. A male can never get pregnant, and nobody can get pregnant from drinking semen. The uterus is the only place pregnancy can occur. Pregnancy does not occur in the mouth, stomach, intestines, nor rectum. Males do not have a uterus, and the digestive tract is not connected in any way to a female's uterus. So if you consume it by mouth, your body breaks it down and uses it like any other food.

Any time that fresh semen enters the vagina there is a chance that the woman may become pregnant.

yes, if any sperm comes into contact with the vagina, you can get pregnant

If sperm makes it into you, then you can get pregnant. Any amount of sperm can cause pregnancy.

It is very unlikely you could get pregnant. Sperm has to have contact with the vagina to have any chance of your becoming pregnant.

okk so my sister is pregnant and her stomach still isn't hard and she is five months pregnant and she is showing a little but not much so you never know.

The ejaculate of the male could get pregnant! If you are talking about ingesting it (swallowing), then no.

If he had any pre-come or semen on him at the time, then yes, there is always a chance that you could get pregnant. If not, then i doubt you could get pregnant. Be careful of any sexually transmitted diseases though! =)

There is a possibility that you can get pregnant. Its more like a 50/50 chance. Semen is very powerfull and once it toches the vagina it can swim inside and fertilix=ze any egg.

Pulling out is not a method of contraception, any time the penis goes into the vagina during the fertile period you can get pregnant. Use proper contraception if you don't want to have a baby.

Definitely. She can get pregnant in any position. You only have to have two factors for a female to get pregnant. She has to be ovulating and semen to come in contact with her egg released during ovulation.

at 3 weeks it is too early experience any changes in the size of your stomach

Most definitely not. The stomach has no connection to the uterus/ovaries etc. The way a woman becomes pregnant is by sperm cells somehow entering her vagina. The reproductive system is not connected to the digestive system. The body would just digest swallowed semen like it would any other food item.

A woman can get pregnant any time. Just certain times she's more likely

No, all that is necessary is that semen get into the vagina. If the man pulls out and actually reaches climax outside the vagina, but semen gets inside, the woman can still get pregnant, or any disease he may be carrying.

Yes, semen IS required for getting your wofe pregnant. First order of business would be getting you self checked up. If all else fails a fertility clinic can help harvest semen from you and then fertilize an egg from your wife outside her body and then inplanting it.

Yes, there is still semen on his penis, so putting it any near the vagina can get you pregnant.

Even if it is wet, the semen cannot get out of the material of the panties or any clothes, semen cannot go through clothes and it cannot leave the panties even if the women puts her panties on, the semen dies when it mixes with panties or any other clothes.

Nope, not at all any ammount of semen entering the anal area will not get you pregnant, in order to get pregnant smen must enter the vaignal openning.