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If you get turned on by girls does that mean you are gay?

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Well I'm a guy so it means I'm straight:) In your case, it could mean you are a lesbian but if you also like guys just as much then it could be that you are a bisexual.

2007-06-16 16:03:14
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Q: If you get turned on by girls does that mean you are gay?
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A gay guy flirted with you and you got very turned on does that mean you are gay?

yes , yes it does

Why is Abdul Shah gay?

Abdul used to date girls, or at least he tried to. But he was rejected too many times, and then turned gay.

Does gay for girls mean that you like guys?

No it doesn't.

What does gay mean happy or you like a girl and your a girl?

In its English term, 'gay' means happy. In current slang, gay can mean anything from something you don't like, to girls liking girls, however it is defined as GUYS liking GUYS. Girls liking girls is called lesbian- officially.

Is Jess on Gilmore Girls a?

A what? Did you mean gay? And if that is so do you mean the actor or the character?

When you kiss a girl does that mean you are gay?

No. You are only gay if you are a girl who is sexually attracted to other girls.

Does gay for girls mean happy?

No. "gay for..." is a silly expression that means "like" or "in love with.."

Do gay people get turned on by their own giblets if you know what i mean cus i am gay and i get turned on by my own equipment?

yes because my enemy george is gay I think anyone who masturbates gets turned on by there own body to some extent, Even if they were to be watching something else that turned them on at the same time.I'm gay I love my body and I love what it does and what I can make it do.

What does it mean when two girls kiss in a dream?

that they r gay

I made out with a guy once does that mean im gay?

No, it does not mean you're gay. It might have been a mistake. You may be bisexual. But you have to ask yourself, are you attracted to girls or boys or even both? If you are attracted to girls, you are straight. If you are attracted to boys, you are gay. If you are attracted to boys and girls, you are bisexual. If you are gay or bisexual, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

What does it mean when a girl is gay?

It means that she is sexually attracted to other girls.

Does Sean Avery have a girlfriend?

If you mean "gay" no. But all girls have girlfriends!

What does it mean when you see a guy who hangs out with just girls?

Probably gay.

Does Chris colfer like girls at all?

Do you mean, is he interested in dating girls at all? Then, no. He's gay.

Is a girl gay if she takes showers with another girl?

Not that doesn't mean she gay. She is only gay if she's sexually attracted to other girls.

Is Nicki manji gay?

no i wouldn't say gay the fact is that she is biosexual which mean she likes girls n guys

Is Michael from The Golden Girls gay?

If you mean the character, No. If you mean the actor, Scott Jacoby, No as well.

Does Justin bieber like girls who are mean?

Justin beiber does not like girls who are mean.he doesnt even like girls, he is GAY his voice hasn't even dropped he is GAY so don't waste your time.

What is difference between a gay and a straight guy?

do you mean straight? if you do a gay is someone that likes boys and a straight likes girls:)

Was Peter Tetteroo Gay?

Yes, Peter Tetteroo was gay.

Why is baby bash gay?

I have never heard of baby bash being gay but what do you mean why? people don't choose to be gay they discover they are when they get turned on or fall in love with the same sex

Blaine gallagher dances does this mean he is gay?

NO! i have met blaine and he is definitely NOT gay! he gets to run around touching girls, that's doesnt sound gay to me! BLAINE GALLAGHER IS NOT GAY!

If a guy hangs out with lesbian girls is he most likely gay?

that may not be the case. if he is not gay then he may hang out with lesbians just because of the fact that most guys think that lez and bi girls are hot/sexy. but it does not mean that he is gay

Do men get a small unoticable erection for example you cant see it but you can kinda feel a small swelling happening if they were to watch gay porn if they do does this mean they are gay?

doesn't mean they are gay. Men are turned on by any sexual activity at all !!!!

You are attracted to a guy who acts gay around you but has dated girls how do you tell if he is or not.?

Well, just because he acts gay, doesn't mean he is.