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moving outyou have to be 18 to move out regardless unless you are emancipated or in a state which allows you to move out at 17. having your GED has nothing to do with it.

The age of emancipation in most cases is 18. Having a GED is not a contributing factor. If the situation warrants it parents can request the juvenile court to place the teen/child in a contained environment Not juvenile detention, but a group home or something similar.

In Texas at the age of !7 if you have your GED you can

Emancipation is 16 to 17 years old in the state of Texas. Texas does not have emancipation they have disability removal of minorities for a minor.

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Q: If you get your GED and you are under the age of 18 can you move out and can your parents do anything about it?
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Can an 18 yr old in Ohio move out of their parents house with a GED or do you have to graduate high to be able to move out?

As soon as you are 18 you can move out whether you are still in high school, have a GED, or have graduated. Once you are 18 you are a legal adult and you can do whatever you want, living arrangement-wise. Your parents can also kick you out when you are 18 because they no longer have to do anything for you, insurance, car, money, anything.

Can a 17year old that has a GED move out without parents promissin in KY?

No. Earning a GED does not give a minor any adult rights. The minor is still subject to the control and supervision of their parents until they turn 18.

In Tennessee can you move out at 17 if you have your GED?

No you cannot. GED has nothing to do with it.

What can you become with a GED?

You can do anything you want. GED does not stop you from doing anything A GED (General Equivalency Dipoloma) is as good as a high school diploma, so anything you can do with a high school diploma that can be done with a GED, including going to college.

Can you use your GED to become a secetary?

Yes, you can you can be anything you want to be with a ged

What can i do if i have a GED?

Any thing your heart desires! GED does not stop you from doing anything

Do parents have legal rights over a child who is 17 and has his GED?

Yes, they do. Getting a GED does not emancipate a minor. Your parents are still in charge until you turn 18.

What if a seventeen year old gets pregnant is she considered an adult is she isn't in school?

no. you need to move out of your parents house, get a job or your GED, then get yourself emancipated

Can you become an RN with an GED?

Yes you can. Getting your GED does not stop you from doing anything you please good luck in your pursuit

Can you obtain a GED without your parents permission if you are a minor?

No you cannot.

Are free GED classes offered to teenage parents?

Yes, free GED classes are offered to everyone, including teenage parents. These classes can be found online at and There are also numerous sites offering free study materials for GED preparation. You should be aware that there is still a fee to take the GED exam. However, these classes and study materials can help you prepare for the GED for free.

What is the legal age for a teen in Utah to move out if they have a GED?


Where can I inquire anything about GED diploma online?

To inquire about GED diploma online, visit It is a step-by-step process about acquiring a GED diploma.

Can your parents force you to get your GED?

Nobody can force you to do anything - they could not force you to stay in school, could they?You do need to understand that without a diploma or GED, your chances of getting any sort of job other than manual labor in today's economy are zero. There are people with PhD's getting laid off. Someone who won't even get a GED does not stand a chance of surviving today.

What is a GED and do you have one since you graduated high school?

NO a GED is under a highschool diploma you only get a GED if you did not graduate from highschool and if you have not earned a highschool diploma there are other reasons and the only way to take a GED class or test is if you do not have a highschool diploma

Can you still go in the navy with an underage?

* Yes, with parents consent, GED or diploma

You dropped out of school and got your GED Does that mean you are emancipated?

No. A high school diploma or a GED doesn't have anything to do with being emancipated. Emancipation is not related to education.

Can you move out at 17 if you have a child and a GED in TN?

Only if your parents give you permission. You are not emancipated automatically when you are pregnant. It does not mean one has the ability to take care of yourself. You do have certain rights as to obtaining assistance for you and your child, but you are still the responsibility of your parents until you turn 18.

Your granddaughter is 17 and her parents want to charge her 300.00 a month for rent Granddaughter is studing for a GED and working part time She is on probation for steeling some clothingJuvenile Law?

Before anything else can be answered - it is necessary to know what state your grandaughter and her parents reside in.

Where can I get a good high school GED?

To get a GED which can be completed online is $65, $15 for each section. A high school diploma while attending under the age of 18 doesn't cost anything however if you want to get it online as an adult the prices can vary from $300-$500 depending on the school.

Acn a 17 year old drop out of school in Arkansas without a parents consent?

Seventeen year olds can not drop out of school, even with parents' permission. Arkansas has a manditory attendance law for students under 18. Sometimes with acceptance into a GED program, some 17 year olds can leave school. Seventeen year olds can not drop out of school, even with parents' permission. Arkansas has a manditory attendance law for students under 18. Sometimes with acceptance into a GED program, some 17 year olds can leave school.

Can you be kicked out of the house for getting a GED?

No you can't. You will have to be of legal age for that to happen. GED is a proof of high school equivalency. doesn't mean you give up your right or anything.

My diabetes is under control Can I get traditional cosmetic surgery or are there less invasive dolutions I need facial tightening under the chin and upper throat and jaw line. ?

There is a GED search tool here

Is it legal for a seventeen year old with a GED to legally move out in the state of Oregon?

Not really but you will have to tell them WHY

Can a parent make their under age child get their GED?

And exactly who would take the test?