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I dont know if that is a sign of pregnancy but that happened to me. My second period was lighter and did not last as long and two weeks later i found out i was pregnant. It could be implantation bleeding so I would wait two weeks and take a test.

2006-08-02 18:53:43
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Can your period regulate due to becoming sexually active?

No sex and your period is only related when pregnancy occur.

Can you have kids at 11?

If you have reached puberty, have had your first period, and are sexually active, then yes. However, you should not be sexually active at this age and much less be preoccupied about possible pregnancy.

Was to see your period on Thursday it did not came an today is now Wednesday?

If you are sexually active take a pregnancy test.

Can you be pregnant if you have had no period only light brown discharge?

That depends. If you are sexually active you should buy a pregnancy detector.

Can your period just be late with out it resulting in you being pregnant?

yes it can, but if you have been sexually active and your period doesn't come then there might be that chance of pregnancy...

Can cramps after missed period mean pregnancy?

It could be, if you are sexually active or it could be your period was just late and about to start. If your period is late you can use a Home Pregnancy Test or stop by Planned Parenthood for a test.

What does it mean if your period came about 11 days early and lasted for 5 days?

This could be nothing hon. Your period cycle may of became irregular and this is what caused your period to be earlier. If you are sexually active, do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy.

19 after intercourse and a missed period should you take a pregnancy test?

19 years old, sexually active - at least once - and have missed a period? Yes, you should take a pregnancy test. Or see a medical professional.

Will a tanning bed make your nipples sore and tender or am i pregnant?

Usually it is before you start your period if you have missed your period an you are sexually active then you should take a pregnancy test Hun.

What fooDs can be used to start a late period?

No foods can be used to start a late period. Your period will arrive when it is ready. Unfortunately you cannot force these things. However, if sexually active, perform a pregnancy test.

Why would your period be black and stringy?

These are just normal variations of heavy flow. But if you are sexually active, a pregnancy test will be positive for 2 weeks if it was a miscarriage.

When you're stress do your period come late?

Stress can make a period come late or might not even have a period for a month. Even so, if you do miss a period and are sexually active you should go to a doctor to get a pregnancy test.

Can yeast infection creams cause your period to be late?

No, creams would not cause your period to be late. If you have been sexually active, I would recommend taking a home pregnancy test. JM

What is oestrus period in relation to animals?

it is a period in animals where they become sexually active

What will cause a period to be 4 days early while you are sexually active?

You might be pregnant and it could have been implantation bleeding. Take a home pregnancy test.

What if your period is late?

If you're sexually active, you're going to definitely want to take a pregnancy test. Is this normal for your periods? Have you ever been this late before?

Can you be pregnant if you missed two months of period?

Yes, it is likely you may be pregnant, missing a period is usually the first sign if you are sexually active. Take a home pregnancy test or go to the doctor.

If I am sexually active have a period then two weeks after my period have light spotting for 2 or 3 days does this mean I am pregnant?

You should always check using a pregnancy test that you can buy from the drug store.

Can your period be delayed when sexually active?

Somtimes it does, but it depends on your body.

Can being sexually active cause a late period?


You just became sexually active and your period is late this month but your periods are irregular anyway are you pregnant?

If your periods are irregular anyway then there is no way to tell, I advise you to see whether you have a period next month, if not then go and see a doctor for a pregnancy test. If you have only recently become sexually active then you should be using protection anyway.

What does it mean if your period is only 2 days long and is light?

It was probably spotting aka implanation bleeding. Wait a week and take a pregnancy test if you are sexually active.

Is it normal to have your period for 1 day?

yes, it's completely normal. it doesn't always mean your pregnant, but if you are sexually active than i would take a pregnancy test.

Could brown spotting a week before your period be a sign of pregnancy?

Not possible unless you are sexually active and semen could have entered your vagina. If this worries you you will have to wait until you period. If you miss it after 5 days take a couple home pregnancy tests to be sure.

What to do if your period doesn't start?

You don't need to do anything when your period doesn't start. Sometimes women miss periods or their periods are delayed, if sexually active you should take a pregnancy test to determine if you could be pregnant, otherwise an occasional late or absent period is normally nothing to worry about. If you go over three months without a period then talk to your doctor to rule out problems.