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Hi, This could be due to a hormonal imbalance or a Thyroid Imbalance. Speak to your Doctor and have a pregnancy blood test performed. Much more accurate than a urine test.

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Is feeling bloated and swollen burst symptoms of pregnancy?


If under my tummy is feeling i pregnant?

if your tummy feels bloated, then that is a symptom of pregnancy.

Is feeling bloated and soreness a sign of pregnancy?

Yes. Feeling bloated and having minor pains is a sign of pregnancy. It usually occurs the second month along with morning sickness.

Is feeling bloated everyday but has not had a period yet a sign of pregnancy?


Can you be pregnant with 12 negative pregnancy tests and still no period and having no symptoms other than feeling bloated?

Go to the Doctor. You may have a clot or tumor in your uterus.

Is being bloated milky discharge swollen breasts feeling heavy a sign of pregnancy?

yes. take a test

Can you be pregnant if you are sleepy bloated and feeling nauseas?

Can you be pregnant if you are sleepy bloated and feeling nauseas? thats not an answer dummy...

How do you know the symptoms of pregnancy if you are on birth control?

They will be the same as if you were not. Your periods Will stop there is a likelihood of tender breasts and a bloated feeling. however the best way is to do or have a pregnancy test done.

Burning breasts and bloating feeling?

Possibly. More so the burning NIPPLES than the bloated fealing. Take a pregnancy test.

Is feeling unusually bloated a sign of pregnancy?

I am pregnant, and YES that is definitely a symptom. In fact, for most women, that is one of the first signs...

You have bloated stomach blue veins on your breasts your period is late 4 days feeling very tired and hungry?

Take a pregnancy test

Is it possible to have signs of pregnancy 4 days after sex because ive been feeling really bloated something I am not familiar with?

Oh but of course!

Ive been feeling sick and dizzy late at night and in the mornings and bloated does it mean im pregnant?

You could be. Take a pregnancy test

Can you be pregnant if you are sleepy and feeling bloated?

Yes,but there are also many other reasons to feel sleepy and bloated.

You've had a negative blood pregnancy test and you still have symptoms of pregnancy now you are feeling kicking can you still be pregnant?

It's very unusual to get HCG negative. So don't worry

Is feeling bloated an early sign of pregnancy?

A general crampiness or bloating of the pelvic area can be an early sign of pregnancy and may be accompanied by constipation. However, these symptoms can mimic PMS, and many women find themselves wondering which it is!

How can you use the word appetite in a sentence?

A sentence with the word appetite is:She lost her appetite when she started feeling ill.He has a big appetite.

What is an appetite?

A feeling of craving something, the term "appetite" is most commonly used in the context of an appetite for food or drink.

What are signs of tuble pregnancy?

If you are referring to a tubal pregnancy (or an ectopic pregnancy), the symptoms vary. In my case, I had very painful lower back and left leg - some women get severe shoulder pain. I had some general pregnancy signs (tender breasts, bloated stomach) and a "feeling" I may be pregnant (despite being on the Pill). This is not something to consider - go get checked out by a doctor or hospital - they will do a blood test and likely an ultrasound - I had 2 x negative home pregnancy tests. Good luck.

If you get your periods 17 days late with negative hpt test but still feel bloated and have nausea feeling and loss of appetite and gain weight and still negative pregnancy test are you pregnant?

AnswerVery low probability. Many times expectations, fears and wishes can affect our body chemistry. By 17 days late you should be able to get good results from an EPT. That is NOT always the case though. It is more common that you think for a woman to go up to her second trimester without getting a positive result from a home pregnancy test. Your best bet is to make an appointment with your OBGYN, discuss the issue, and have a blood test done.

You are 26 days late for your period feel bloated tired getting cranky snapping at a lot of things last week you were feeling like you wanted to be sick yet you were hungry am I pregnant?

It sounds like you could well be. Take a pregnancy test. If it's negative, go and see the doctor

If i have a negative pregnancy test but feeling nausea can i still be pregnant?

In some cases yes you can, But go to a doctor to be sure!

Is it normal to feel pregnancy symptoms and fetal movement but have negative home pregnancy test while having the IUD?

If you are feeling movement in your belly, it is much more likely to be gas. You would not have a negative pregnancy test at the point in a pregnancy when you'd feel fetal movement. You should look for another explanation for your "pregnancy symptoms."

Is there a possible chance of pregnancy with brown discharge a week before period along with the feeling of being bloated and mood swings?

There is a possibility yes, especially if your period doesn't arrive. However, brown discharge can de a indication of a UTI and not only pregnancy.

Feeling bloated and stomach pains and hungry but you feel full?


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