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The brown spotting is break through bleeding which is left over blood from your period. This is a very normal occurance once you stop the pill. It can be difficult to be certain when your fertile days are because of the pills. Because of this buy a ovulation predictor kit and when it is positive, then have sex and this will give you a high chance of conceiving. Good luck.

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Q: If you get your periods after stopping postponement tablets after 9 days you see brown spots after having protected sex what does this mean is it possible to conceive on 5th or 6th day of your period?
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When you get periods after stopping depo is it possible to conceive?

Once your periods are regular after stopping depo provera, you can probably get pregnant. YOu can also get pregnant just before your first normal period.

How long should you wait to get pregnant after stopping Mirena?

There is no need to wait to conceive after stopping Mirena or any IUD. You can get pregnant immediately after stopping without concerns about safety.

After one depo shot how soon is it safe to conceive?

You can conceive any time you like after stopping Depo Provera. No special waiting period is required.

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How long should you wait after removing the NuvaRing to try and get pregnant?

There is no need to wait to conceive after stopping NuvaRing. You can get pregnant as soon as you like.

Can you conceive after stopping depo if your period has'nt started?

Yes - if you're planning on having a child it may be a good idea to learn how babies are made first!For you to conceive you must ovulate, ovulation occurs before menstruation.

Risks involved in becoming pregnant after Depo-Provera?

There are no special risks in getting pregnant after stopping depo provera. There is no need to wait to conceive.

When can you get pregnant after stopping Mirena?

After removal of the IUS, normal fertility is regained after a few months, with a near normal 80% of women able to conceive within 12 months.

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Im 30yrs old would it be hard to conceive if you stop taking the pill after 8yrs?

Give yourself time. It can take a while before you conceive, and general medical advice says it can take up to 12 months for the cycle to return to normal after stopping the pill. However, that said, some women will conceive straightaway and for others it may take more than 12 months.

How long will it take you to conceive if you took out your nuva ring almost 2 weeks ago?

For women who had regular periods before using Nuva Ring, ovulation resumes two to four weeks after stopping the Ring. 85% of couples will get pregnant within the year after stopping Nuva Ring.

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What happens if you miss Depo-Provera injection and conceive?

There are no special risks from conceiving right after stopping Depo Provera. Contact your health care provider to get a referral for appropriate care.

After stopping depo do you have to wait to have a period before you can conceive?

No, you can conceive as soon as you start to ovulate. It is recommended to wait around 12 months before attempting to conceive in order to allow your body to make up for nutrients lost while using hormonal birth control. It's a good idea to allow your cycles time to regulate and use fertility awareness method to track your cycles to improve chances of conception.

How quick can you get pregnant on your period?

Generally you can't get pregnant on your period, however, if you have a very short cycle or if you ovulate within a week of stopping your period then there is a chance that you may conceive. Sperm can live for around a week once inside the woman, so it is possible that some women may become pregnant if they have sex while on their period.

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How long does it take to conceive after stopping noristerat contraceptive injection?

On the average for contraception, Noristat contraceptive is only good for up to 8 weeks. After 8 weeks of the last injection, one may be able to become pregnant.

How long should it take to get a period after stopping continuous birth control?

It can take up to three months for your period to return after stopping hormonal birth control such as depo provera or the pill. Any longer than this and you should talk to your doctor. Even if you do not have your period, you can still become pregnant so should take precautions if you are not trying to conceive.

Is it possible that ovulation time alters due to stopping the pill?

Yes, as a matter of fact, the pill regulates the menstruation cycle.

Is it possible to have mild to moderate body aches and pains when stopping birth control pills even if it has almost been 2 months since stopping?

It's possible to experience these symptoms in your abdomonen but not all over your body. You may have picked up a virus or something along those lines. See your doctor.